Submissive sex with a trained set of holes

Submissive sex I truly enjoy Submissive sex with rough, mean and exciting men. It’s much easier to allow men to make choices for you. I don’t like to be the one in charge; I am the one with holes that get fucked. Men are in charge and need to be able to fuck a bitch senseless. They need an inferior hole to take out their frustrations and also drain their balls into. If you make sure you are properly taught this at a young age then you will grow up to be the best set of fuck holes a man needs in his life.

You can become the proper cunt wit the right amount of Slave training. A good dominant man who knows how to train bitches into submission will be able to put you into the proper mindset. At least that’s what happened with me; I was lucky enough to have the right men in my life. I was fucked and taught to suck just how a man needs. That’s why I can take a brutal fucking and be tied up for hours with no complaints. I know how to spread my legs and get this pussy fucked open until I am a screaming mess. I have had my holes fucked so hard they were beat red and sore for days. Guess what though? My master was so happy with my performance he let me cum!

Are you ready to cum baby? Call me so I can show you what bitches were made for!



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