Slave training for my master is what he showed his friends

Part of my Slave training consists of having to clean all of my master’s mess. Last night his friends and him were partying so much they started using me as their urinal. My master started calling me their golden shower whore. First my master would spread my legs and show my slut pussy to his friends. While he slapped me all over and even my cunt, he wanted them to see how wet it gets me.

Slave training

He can feel that I am embarrassed, but he doesn’t care. His friends laugh every time he abuses me because my cunt starts twitching. “You filthy bitch get on your knees”, I always do what my master commands of me. Once on my knees my master took his pants off and bent over in front of me and spread your ass. I knew it was time for Prostate milking,”lick my ass you worthless whore”. My tongue was wiggling on his ass hard as he laughed with his friends.

Master always likes to show me what my place in the world is. “Come on bitch show my friends how good you can make me cum. Finally, I had the energy to encourage me to lick his asshole harder that is all my master needed. As he stood up and sprayed my face with his thick load of semen, he moaned out “good job whore, now you have my friend’s ass to lick”. They all cheered, and I knew by morning time my tongue would be numb. 

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