Sneaking In

teen phone sexYou snuck into my room again tonight and I knew exactly what you wanted. I was laying in bed and I knew better than to put any clothes on and I could already feel my pussy getting wet. You came in behind me and I could feel just how hard you were as you pressed your big fucking cock against my ass. He reached your arm around and started playing little clit making me feel so fucking good. I moaned as you pushed a finger right in my soaking wet kind and started pumping it in and out making me even more wet than I already was. I could feel you start to position your cock in between my round ass cheeks. You started to push your cock into my asshole and then shoved all the way in. You were so deep in my ass hole and I screamed as you started fucking me harder and harder with each fucking thrust while you played with my pussy. You were going as fast as you fucking could and I was cumming all over your fucking hands. I could feel that you were about to cum so I reached around and started massaging your balls making you feel my tiny little asshole all the way up with your big cum load.

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