Tie The Knot And Make Me Yours

Submissive Slut

I find being a submissive slut makes it easy for me to teach those who are new to domination. It’s not something I do often but sometimes there is an eager attractive young stud that wants to learn to make me his. I normally teach the art of bondage first, because the power my masters have felt tying me up in any position they desire is often the one that gets them hooked. Recently a young new master has been coming over every other weekend if I’m free to learn and to dominate me. I completely submit to him but not before a little lesson on how to tie the knots just right. 

Starting with the basic frogtie so he can use a simple knot to bound my hands behind my back and then open my legs. Bonding my ankles against my thighs which gives him very easy access with me in the nude to my pussy. To do anything he wished. He could lick, bite, whip, and fuck it however he wanted. The knots were tight, I wasn’t going anywhere. He knew that when he was done with me he could just leave me there. He started with his tongue, got it wet teased me with pleasure, and then grabbed a small whipping crop from the shelf and whacked my pussy repeatedly until it was red and swollen. Ignoring my whimpers, continuing until he was satisfied. Only stopping to ram his cock into my beaten pussy until he unloaded his cum inside me. With each new lesson, I can feel him becoming more confident and eager to do more to me. All he needed was a true submissive whore to teach him.

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