Spank this bare ass.

bare bottom spankingWho doesn’t like a bare bottom spanking. It takes us all back to the days when we were young. Being turned over mommy or daddy’s knee for our punishment.  Some of us really like it. I know I did. Feeling daddy’s wrath as he fired up my ass with his cock pushed against my thigh. I knew that if I begged enough, he would rub my little ass and make it feel all better. How many of you did that?

Or maybe you prefer being the Master. Having control and doling out those spanks. The fire in your hand as it slams against bare flesh, then grabbing a belt or wooden spoon to continue.. The cries for mercy as I beg you to stop. I can’t take anymore. “Please, Master, no more.” as you  tear up my flesh, making it cherry red, then blue and purple. You love being in charge and owning me.

You should hear my stories of the objects that Master uses to punish me. There are so many common household items that work so well for spankings. Care to share of your own ideas with me? This slut loves to be beaten hard.


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