Spanking chat for me is what master had in mind

My master made me get on Spanking chat to find other doms to come over and spank my ass for him to watch until he was ready to use me too. He likes to see me squirm and in pain. I found a handful of bbc dom bulls and my master was pleased. Before they got there my master tied me up and put me in the best bondage position to get my ass beat. One by one they came in and my master just showed them to me. I was bent over and spread open like a worthless whore. They took turns using my worthless slut mouth and my master enjoyed every tear that streamed down my face.

Spanking chat

My master showed them all the bbc doms his tools. They picked their favorite and one took the first lashing to my bare ass. They all cheered and took their turn. After the first ten i was shaking and my ass was already feeling sore and welted. My master came up to me and smiled, calling me a good whore after forcing his cock down my throat. As he fucked my throat, he used his whip on my bare body. I couldn’t take it anymore; I felt the blood starting to rush out of me. My master got behind me as everyone cheered. My master fucked my ass hard and giving me Bare bottom spankings while filling up my asshole with his thick nut. The night didn’t end until they all had filled my asshole.

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