Spanking Phone Chat with Breanne

spanking chat

My master is the jack of all trades. If there is a contraption out there to be bought you best believe he will give a go at making it first. Today he surprise me with a spanking restraint. He called me over and of course I submit and make for his dungeon straight away. Once I get there I seen we had company. Her name is Izzy. Once a blue moon she participates in some of Master’s games he plans. I looked to the table and seen an object made of PVC pipes. He immediately began to strip me as Izzy started to disassemble the build by removing a couple of pipes. He lifted me up onto the table and started to reassemble this thing around me. It ended up being fastened around my waist with my ass perched out. I was starting to get an idea as to what it was for. It was my spanking restraint that he had mentioned about in the past. I just wondered what Izzy was there for. Once I was all secured. He sat down in a chair off to the side of me. Positioned in just the right angle to see my face and ass. Then I started feeling the cracks of Izzys hand across my bare ass. Master pulled his cock out and started stroking it with each time her hand kissed my ass his cock would grow harder. This went on for hours and my ass at one point was raw and began to bleed. Once he came all over himself he took his cum and rubbed it into my chapped, raw stinging ass cheeks. Telling me that this will help me to heal quicker so that I could receive more spankings very soon.

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