Spanking Your Mommy

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Yes, Son anything you want of this subby mommy. Tweak my tits and use the bridle me. The riding crop stings as you flog my sensitive nipples. Tie my knees together yes, My Teenage Son you are doing so well. I am sorry for my tears, I am just not used to you inflicting so much pain on me. I am roughly handcuffed by my elbows and wrist by you. I am biting down and moaning in pain as the crop is spanking my whore ass hole. my pussy lips become so swollen under your hands. Flogging me as my spit and tears soak into the carpet. An, when you think I have had enough You,u force your cock into your submissive Mommies pussy only enough to wet it. Now I am being forced anal fucked and my screams are only slightly muffed around the bridle in my teeth. The riding crop continues to lash my ass cheeks as you finish inside your mothers’ ass.  My only relief is my daughter’s warm mouth cleaning out my ass.  I am yours now and You can do whatever you wish of me.

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