Submit To Being Unsubmissive

I met a man who told me he likes it when he is able to submit to me. I never had a man tell me he wanted me to tell him what to do. It is something that I am not used to. I was not sure if I could be the woman he was looking for. I told him I have never had to tell someone what to do. The men I was always with knew what they wanted from me.

Submissive sex

The men knew that I was a little submissive whore, waiting for them to give me my next order. If I didn’t want this mans cock inside my slut pussy so much I would have told him no I can not be that woman. The first night we were together I gave it a try. I did my best to let this man submit to me. It was not easy and at the end of it, all the man had to get aggressive and order me to dominate him. Once I saw the aggressive side of him and he gave me an order I knew exactly what I had to do. I was surprised at how aggressive and dominant I got with him. He liked it when I called him a slut and told him what position I wanted him in. It was fun being dominant, I know my heart will always want to submit to a strong sexy man but one night dominating was fun and sexy change.

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