Subby Discounts

bare bottom spankings

Hello Master, I know how much you love marking up this worthless body, so I’m happy to tell you about some discounts to give you more bang for your buck. Do you want longer than 10 minutes but don’t want to pay the exact price? We have a 21 minutes for $31.00 (41.50 INT), long enough for some bare bottom spanking fun. Do you have time on your lunch break and need some release? We have a 33 minutes for $48.00 ($64.50 INT) Long enough for you to whip my titties and flog my red, raw ass. Do you crave something longer? We have a 75 minutes for $125.00 ($162.50 INT) special that willleave your cock fully satisfied.

2 girl phone sex

Do you want to bring a friend? Another submissive for me to play with? Or maybe a fierce Domme that can put me in my place, chaining me to a table and raping my cunt with whatever happens to be on hand? We have a sexy discount of 15 minutes for $50.00 ($75 INT) Perfect for your superior needs. Don’t be shy, You’re in control here, call us now.

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