The Subs Play

submissive sex

My master hosts a party with his friends, who are other dominants and their slaves. He had expressed his desire to watch me interact with another slave. He lays out exactly what he wants. He wants me to perform a sexy show for him by touching, feeling, and kissing another Slave. I am happy to comply with his wishes, even though I have never been with another slave.

Her name was Leah and she is a real cutie, young and blonde. I befriended her at the beginning of the night so when the masters gave the order to give them a show – of course she chose me to partner with. The masters removed our gags so that we could use our mouths to pleasure each other. She started by giving these deep erotic tongue kisses, which had my pussy gushing right away. Such sweet sensitive kisses that turned me on right away. Her lips were so soft and gentle. From the kisses, she moved on to my breasts, taking them one by one in her mouth, sucking and nibbling on my sensitive nipples. Her hands were still bound so she had to do everything with her mouth which was wet and hot. Finally, she wiggled her way down to my wet pussy. She took her time licking and nibbling on the lips before going to work on my clit. She was an expert and had me coming hard in no time.

All the masters were enjoying our show, and I was certainly enjoying her attention. And now it is my turn to work on her sweet little body, mmmmm.

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