Submissive Lesbian Maid

Female Bondage

I was starting a new job as a mouse maid for a rich woman who seemed to be in her early 30’s. Excited to start, I showed up eagerly in my maid’s uniform, getting right to work when she showed me where everything was. She had me start in the living room, where she watched me to make sure I would be skilled enough to keep the house properly clean, or so I thought. When I turned around, she had stripped into a sexy dominatrix outfit and was holding a tasseled whip. Slapping me across the face, she pushed me to my knees and told me she was to be my Mistress and I her slave. I really needed the job, and I knew I deserved the punishment, so I got on all fours as she ripped off my panties.

She started with just her hand as she spanked my bare ass, making me cringe with each stinging slap. After both cheeks were nice and red, she whipped me hard. Yelping in pain, I could only say, Yes Mistress, as she told me how much of a filthy slut I was. She then tied my hands to my thighs with rope before straddling my face, forcing me to eat her cunt. Her juices dripped down my face as she rubbed her clit against my tongue. Cumming in a gushing burst, she made me eat all her cum as she squirted all over me. Mistress says I must always swallow all of her juices.

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