Submissive sex chat with a Bondage whore

Bondage whore

He would burn my nipples and have me go out in the street and sell my body for perverted men like him. They would rape the shit out of me and piss all over my worthless body! I don’t mind being treated like that because I am a natural born submissive whore. What I enjoy the most is being hurt while getting fucked. It gets me really worked up and sopping wet! I love when my masters dump a hot load of cum deep inside every last one of my fuck holes! I love crying while getting fucked anal with no lubrication.

Do I mean every word that comes out my mouth begging them to stop? Yes! I actually wouldn’t want to be hurt all the time… but, in a fucked up way I do enjoy their dominance. Just last night I had three dicks in my pussy and two up my ass. I am really in pain…. They could careless they  plan on forcing me to go another round tonight!

This time with me being tied up in a star pattern. God, I don’t know what they are going to do to me… I am very horny and tuned on…  I really do like surprises! I am already sore as fuck… It’s always Mind over Matter with me. My submissive emotions out do the physical pain I will endure… I am a submissive whore.

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