Submissive sex for my master when I get out my cage

My master loves Submissive sex. First, he loves to pull me out of my cage and have me kiss his feet. “Thank you master for letting me out of my cage” I say as I worship him. “That’s right hoe worship me” he says as he undresses and sits while spreading his legs. I have had a lot of training from my master. Therefore, I opened my mouth and sucked his cock deep into my mouth. “Eat my cock slut” my master says.

Submissive sex

Then I take his cock as far as I can before I stop breathing. My master pulls his cock out my mouth and lifts his balls up over my head. “Lick my ass bitch” he said as he pushed my mouth on his asshole. I know what that means. My mouth will be milking hard. With nasty Prostate milking from his slut pet. The way I made my tongue dip into his ass made his toes curl. That made me very proud as a slave. My place is to be his tool to use. I could feel him stroking his cock faster and faster.

Part of my training has been to milk him in any way he wants. After some licking my master starts to slap my face.  “Lick me harder slut” he says. Therefore, I start flicking my tongue hard. Finally, his balls started to pulse. Then his cock started spraying my face bukkake style. All I could see was strings on semen spraying my face. “Now crawl back to your cage, cum slave” he demands of me. With cum dripping from my face I crawled back to my cage happy knowing that I pleased my master and that I submitted to him.

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