submissive sex for the both of us

submissive sex

My friend Cameron couldn’t afford her rent. The pandemic has left many individuals without a good source of income. I knew she needed help, and I wanted to give her some. My master wanted to help only if she would pay him back in submissive sex. When I told Cam all about the proposition at first, she was so weary and didn’t want to take part in any submissive deed. She’s a proud Latina with a loud mouth. She wanted no part of it, but I gave her insight into how pleasurable it could be. When I told her my climaxes were so intense that I ended up passing out, she was intrigued, and that alone drove her to say yes to master using both of us all weekend long. Hog tieing us and fucking both of us till e passed out.

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    • Lyndon on July 15, 2022 at 7:21 pm
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    That sounds like a good way to make some extra scratch!

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