Submissive sex with my master is what I live for you

Submissive sex with my master means I take all he has no matter what. First, he will pull me out my cage and tied my hands behind my back. That is because if I suck on his cock, he doesn’t want me to be able to use my hands. “My subby pet, I hope you are ready to submit to me” my master says as he starts to paddle my bare ass. The pain sends a shock to my body, but I just take it for my master. I do not want to ever disappoint my master.

Therefore, I don’t let a peep come out of my until he is done. “Thank you master” is what I say with a trembling voice. The pain had me shaking and that is when my master said “Open your mouth and show me how hungry you are. Right away I open my mouth wide. Then my master grabs me by the hair and starts to face fuck me. Since I belong to him, he can use me in any way he wants. So, when I choke and barely can breathe, my master continues to use me. After his cock is wet and slobbery, he demands for me to bend over. I better submit to everything my master demands of me.

Submissive sex

So, I bend over and spread wide. With my hands still tied up my master rams his hard meat inside my asshole. Once again, the pain shot thru my body. But I dare not complained. Instead, I thank my master as he continues to rip me open. “Thank you master could I have more” I say as he spanks and fucks my ass. After some hard fucking my master moans out, “Milk every drop of my sperm out of me”. With my hands tied I start bouncing my ass back at my master to milk every drop like he asked. Then I quickly felt his cock spray inside my asshole. After I got every drop, he just left me there drilling with jizz to crawl back in my cage.

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