Such a good girl

submissive whore casseyI met a new master last night and it was just what i craved. He was a perfect master. He tied my wrists and ankles to the bed while i was lying on my belly. He spanked me so so hard and it felt absolutely amazing. I begged for more. He would stop long enough to whisper in my ear what a good girl I was. My pussy was getting so wet. He teased me by barely touching my pussy. My ass was so sore but the feeling was incredible. Finally he told me if I was really a good girl I would beg for his big, hard throbbing cock. I begged and pleaded. He untied me and fucked my mouth so good. Then he bent me over the bed and in one quick movement he shoved his whole huge cock into me I screamed out, he was so big and hard. He pounded and pounded until finally he came inside my tight pussy. He made me come at the same time. After he just kept whispering I was such a good girl, the best he had ever had.

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