Sugar Daddy

submissive whore dorthyMy Sugar Daddy visited me tonight. When he arrived, I met him at the door already on my knees which is just the way he likes it. Dressed in thigh highs, crotches panties , my collar and the highest heels that I have. My pussy soaking wet with anticipation. He grabbed me by the collar and dragged me down the hall, leaving scrapes on my knees. He ordered me to unzip his pants with my teeth, and like a good slut, I complied. I was not going fast enough, so he slapped me HARD. Just the way I like it. My face red, he smacked me again making me cry out. Daddy pulled my hair with one hand, while yanking his pants down with the other. He shoved my his dick into my mouth, held the back of my head and face fucked me until I was dripping drool all over his cock and balls. Gagging, I felt my clit tingle and swell and pussy juice began to really make my panties wet. Yanking me by the hair, he dragged me, still on my knees further into the bedroom. He slapped me again and choked me, and I begged him to fuck me. I cried out for his dick and said, “please, Daddy fuck me now.” “You don’t deserve to be fucked you little cum whore, he said.” I knew I had to beg more, so I asked again for his big dick. He flipped me over onto my stomach, and forcefully entered my sweet little ass with his giant cock. The pain and the pleasure were almost too much to bear. I began to cry, and he loved it. “I’ll give you something to cry about,” he said, fucking my tight little ass harder than ever before. He came quickly, quicker than ever and I can’t wait until he visits me again.

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