Take Me and My Daughter!

Submissive Whore

Being completely submissive requires that I sacrifice any and all things that I hold dear to me in service of my master’s cock, even my young daughters cunny! Many times master has told me that once he used my pussy and asshole up, that he was going to fuck my daughter silly until she was a whore just like me. I believed him very much but still thought it would be a long time before he got bored with me… but the day finally came where he tied me up and made me watch as he seduced and corrupted my young daughter. I couldn’t look away as he fucked her mouth and made her choke on his dick, I stared on in awe as he fucked her pussy violently and even came all over her perfect face. As a mom I was horrified but as a slut I was so very wet from watching the way he fucked her without mercy.

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