Txt Me For My Daily Prostate Milking

Prostate Milking

I am in need of my daily prostate milking. One of three I am forced to do daily. You as my master can text me at impregnatemeripley and make sure I am doing just that. Check in that your submissive whore is doing what I have been ordered to do. Don’t worry master I am getting on my hands and knees where I belong now. My tits are being milked by my little brats, they get as turned on as mommy does milking my tits right into the metal bowl hearing it squirt off the sides – just like a fat cow. I am nothing but a breeding whore, a whore who stays clean shaven and spotless as my master will check me all over. I need a butt plug in my ass to get it stretched out for my masters waiting cock. And for now I will be milked, milked hard for 3 times a day and once my ass is stretched out I will be fucked like a naughty subby whore I am, just begging to be fucked. And you can’t wait any longer, you just want to slide that horny throbbing cock deep into my ass, make me beg for it and milk my tits while you fuck me master…Please!

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