Tank Torture

torture phone sex

To celebrate World Water Day, my Master decided to hold a weekend party with a water theme. I was the main attraction, well… Me and a huge glass water tank. Master called all of his friends and told them to bring three gallons of water from their toilets to put in the tank. I was already tied up, legs spread and hands behind my back, pussy on display, as gallon after gallon filled the tank. One wrong move from me and I would drown as the water level rose higher and higher. All of Master’s friends were tickling my feet and legs, trying to get me to crack and put my Master in a bad mood but I stayed strong and didn’t move as the tank water finally reached my mouth. Now comes the main event. My Master took a remote out of his pocket and turned the dial, starting up the waterproof vibrator buried deep inside my pussy. I moaned, but managed to remain still. Little by little, he slowly turned the dial, increasing the pleasurable sensations in my still body. His friends all call out, faster, FASTER!!! My Master suddenly cranked the dial up to the max and I’m screaming and thrashing as the pleasure becomes too intense for me to deal with. I’m practically seizing in the tank when he finally lets up. Now that’s one hell of a party!

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