Tied And Abused

submissive whoreI had been bad, and Master was not pleased. He told me to clear the weekend for my punishment. He sent a driver and he brought me to master’s cabin. I entered and he immediately inserted a ball gag in my mouth so no one could hear me scream. He tied me and jerked off while admiring his work, masturbating all over my face. Then he got out the whip and took turns whipping my tits until they were raw and bloody. Thinking my tits needed more punishment he put clamps on both my nipples connected to a chain that would pull with even the littlest movement. The was loving it as he pulled the chain. Blood dripped from my breasts and tears ran down my face liquifying the dried cum. Next, he put a vibrating big black dildo in my pussy and turned it on. It was relentless as I came repeatedly until even my orgasms were painful. He whipped my pussy until it was raw never turning the vibrator off. A butt plug was shoved up my ass without any lube and it was excruciating. So, there I lay with clamps on my titties, a vibrator in my pussy and a butt plug. I was in so much pain, but the orgasms would not stop. He laughed as he smacked my face with his cock, shoved the butt plug in further and turned and left the room. I was left to the pain and unending orgasms not knowing when they would return.

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