tied up submission

submissive whore


Master dave tied me up to be a good little submissive slut! He made sure the rope was pulled tight to make my huge tits perky. Mmm oh my fucking God it felt so Good, he spent hours teasing my poor little clit with toys and whips making me almost cum, and then walking out of the room to have a phone sex call and coming back after he would get off to tease me again. It hurt so fucking bad to not have my release. I begged and pleaded to cum but the master told me no. I couldn’t help but cum after so much teasing. It felt so fucking good to squirt all over the toy he was using. He took his whip and start to whip my little clit no matter how loud I screamed he didn’t stop until I was bleeding and bruised. He then chained me to the wall and left me there for days without food or water as punishment.

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