Tittie Spanking For A Good Girl

Spanking phone sex

Sometimes when I’m good, my master will reward his worthless pet. I love having my hair pulled, and bare bottom spankings, but my absolute favorite thing to do is having my titties spanked and whipped. Nothing gets my pussy hotter than feeling that black leather crash down on my skin, guided by an expert hand. My pussy drips feeling the pain on my nipples, the burning irritation that gets left behind as the blood rushes underneath the skin. I’m a moaning mess under the whip, and I can’t say no. I long for the whip to strike too hard and draw blood, but it won’t happen until my master wills it to.

“You’re a useless, worthless, filthy slut.” These are the words I get off to, the words that give my life meaning. “You have no purpose, you breathe because I allow you to, I can take your life away whenever I want to, you nasty whore.” My heart sings to hear these words as blow by blow rains down upon my nipples. Master reaches a hand down to my pussy and sees how wet I am. “Nasty little cunt is soaking wet.” He lifts his hand and spanks my wet pussy as hard as he can, once, twice, three times and then I have his permission to cum while he holds his pussy juice covered hand over my mouth and nose. I never come as hard as this.

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