Use me master I’m yours!

Rape phone sex fantasiesLet’s get real wild master! Stretch this tight ass wide out and use me like the cum whore I am! I’m nothing but a filthy cock sleeve! My body is yours! Use me to satisfy your needs! Fuck me harder! Don’t stop, even if I beg and plead! I’m a bit of a pain whore. By bit, I mean show me no mercy. Rip me open show me I’m worthless! I want you to leave me bloody and broken!

I’m nothing more than a fucking slut. Take that dirty cock straight from my ass to my cunt. My holes are yours! Cum and go as you please. Master I’ll be a good slut and I do whatever you want or need! Ram my slut box with that rock-hard cock! Pound me like a jack hammer!  Give me all that you got!

You know how to use me and make your pussy cum. I squirt so hard I can’t hold back if only I wasn’t so weak and could enjoy this fun! My wet cunt is squeezing you tight, it feels like there is suction. My whore hole is begging for you to cum inside. I’m a breed whore baby and that’s what I was made for! Ill make you a cum slut. One of your very own. You know the fuck doll will be so tight and holes will feel like home. She’ll be yours to use just like me! Use that brat for what she was made for make her a good little fuck sleeve!

Keep fucking using my body as I go limp! I don’t have to be conscious for you to get breed my whore cunt baby! Fuck this cum dumpster, and drop off a load! Leave me dipping and gapping. Fucking rape me master! I was made to be used. I am no more than a pussy, tits and a tight round ass. Fuck me hard daddy force me to take your seed. After all this is what I was made for to be fuck, to suck and to breed. So, cum deep I’m my tight swollen cunt. who knows maybe soon I won’t be the only one taking the brunt of your rage!

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