Prostate Milking Until My Mouth Was Numb

Being master’s submissive whore is easy and fun for me after all the slave training I have gotten. Last night he left me dripping with his piss and my mouth and lips numb. He bent me over his knee and gave me bare bottom spankings until my ass was red and my pussy was wet. He fingered my pussy and asshole rough, and I knew it was going to be a fun night. He got me on my knees, and I immediately sucked on my master’s hard cock.

Prostate milking

His balls tightened up and I sucked them while stroking his big cock. He slid down a bit and lifted his balls and I knew he wanted me to lick his asshole. I do anything for my master, so I did. He stroked his dick in my face as he grinded his ass harder and harder on my mouth. My tongue slipped into his ass, forcing me to milk his prostate. He kept stroking his cock in my face as I tongue fucked his ass. He did this for hours and even allowed me to play with my pussy. I got to cum multiple times on my fingers and after what felt like an hour, he finally started cumming all over my face. By the time his balls were empty, my lips were numb and tender. He then stood over me and gave a warm golden shower.  He used my mouth so well and made me drip with his piss before leashing me up to the foot of his bed.

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