yes master!

bondage whore

My boyfriend loves taking me out to these fancy restaurants and teasing me throughout our date! I made sure I was very naughty in order to get punished by him we ended up leaving early because I pissed him off so much! He grabbed my arm and forcefully led me out of the restaurant and to the car! When we got there he just bent me over his lap and pulled down my panties and skirt. He started teasing my poor little pussy and gave me bare bottom spanked me leaving mark on my ass. His cock got so fucking hard feeling my ass wiggle around so he started to finger my tight little pussy until he ordered me to climb on top of him and ride his huge cock. My tight little pussy was just so fucking wet I did exactly what I was told! My poor little fuck holes were all used as a cum dumpster filled to the brim with his cum!

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    • Jake on August 6, 2021 at 8:29 am
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    Good Whore!

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