your slutty pig

submissive whore


This morning, when the doorbell rang, I opened it just like I’m supposed to, without any clothes on at all.
I had FREE FUCK HOLES written over my tits just like I’m supposed to and my hair was in a ponytail so
anyone could fuck my face really easily.
I didn’t complain at all when the deliveryman at the door fucked my throat and made me choke and cry
so my mascara ran down my face and I remembered to thank him for pumping his cum in my nasty
whore mouth with his big nine-inch cock.
When he went to his van to get his co-worker, I didn’t say anything when he fucked my throat either! I
didn’t complain when they rammed their big, thick dicks into my worthless whore cunt and I didn’t
complain, even though I cried when they rammed their dicks into my slut asshole either!

I made sure to clean up really well to prepare for anyone else that wanted to knock on the door.

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    • Kirk on May 14, 2021 at 3:02 am
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    I need a worthless whore.

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