My Sad Submission is So Good

I keep myself wanting him and he I hope want’s me but he’s lost in his downbeat so my clouds can’t be not cloudy I’m hoping he gets his shit together, yea or I’m leaving his ass forever. I can’t take being last anymore while he’s laid up with all his whores. I come in screaming and he don’t care while he’s fucking Tammy there like I’m not standing here at all. I start cussing I start crying he keeps fucking even harder. Break my heart and make my pussy wet as well. You’re not my man you belong to everyone with fat pussy lips and I can’t make you faithful no I can’t make you right. Now he’s snatching his pussy wet soaked cock out of Tammy’s gaping pussy hole and threw it down her throat fucking her face driving his solid rock-hard pole in an out with super force choking her. At that moment my pussy started to jump, he looked me in my eyes and said do you want me to cream down her stupid slutty cum catcher for you? I walked over to him weak and thirsty for his everything I said, I want to sit on this slut face and make her eat my ass while you fuck my cunt. Look what he’s done to me. Do you want to do it too?



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  1. Rick

    Your so sexy bitch

  2. Xavier

    You’re so beautiful!

  3. Neil

    You will be my slave

  4. William

    I have a creampie for you!

  5. Paul

    Rosalie you have got a fucking gift sweetheart I must have came 3 times in 20 minutes. I swear you are so damn good at what you do and I love that you have no limits.

  6. Andy

    Oh, Yes I want to do it too baby, yes.

  7. Edd

    Give into me babe you won’t regret it.

  8. Dick

    Ha! Your just another 3 holes to fuck.

  9. Shane

    nice blog

  10. James

    I would gag you with big cocks and stretch that perty mouth out

  11. Jamal

    Want me i’ll give you better cock, and kisses. Let me get all in that pussy baby

  12. matt

    you are so fucking sexy

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