Bare bottom spankings before Prostate milking

Bare bottom spankings is what I get before I give my master a rim job. He really loves when he bends me over his knees, shoving his cock in my face and making me ass red. The way my ass jiggles when his hand or paddle hits it, makes his cock twitch. I am a hungry whore for my master so I open my mouth up very easily and take his cock in my mouth. Every time it goes deep my throat he spanks my ass hard, making sure to leave his paddle or hand print. When his cock starts leaking pre-cum I better be a good bitch and be ready for him to sit on my face and ride me. He lowered himself on me and spread his ass. I don’t ever want to disappoint my master, so I stuck my tongue out and licked his ass hard. He slammed his ass on me slamming but head on the floor but I took every blow as long as I was going to make him cum by giving him the best Prostate milking i could. I have to work hard to earn my place with my master so I reached around over me and started stroking his hard cock while licking his hole as fast as i could. When he was about to cum, he stood up over me and sprayed my face and body with his thick load.

Bare bottom spankings

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