Slave training is what I was raised on

Slave training is what I was made for. My neck has always been leashed since I can remember. Daddy was the first one to leash me up. He has groomed me since I was young. Anytime I sat on his lap he would hold my hands behind my back and grope me. One night he showed me what little girls do for daddy. He tied my hands and feet with his belt. When I cried he spanked my bare bottom and told me to stop. It didn’t matter. I knew mom could hear me but my father is very dominant. He forced my mouth open and choked me with his big daddy meat. He told me to suck it like a lollipop and I would do anything daddy wanted. That was the beginning of our Submissive sex sessions. I grew up being submissive and being used in any way my master daddy wanted. That is why he leashed me. Daddy claimed me as his property and he was the first one I belonged to. Whenever daddy was around i had to crawl around with my leash on and now i do it for my master.

Slave training

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