Bare bottom spankings competition is what I was used for

My master found a new way of using me and humiliating me to submit to the place I belong as his pet by having a Bare bottom spankings competition with his business partners. “Whoever can spank her the best and longest wins” he said as he gave the paddle to one of his business partners. I was bent over and naked just waiting for his spanking completion to begin. “You will take every spanking and thank my partners and beg for more” my master demands of me.

Bare bottom spankings

Then the first paddling hit my ass and it sent a shock through my body. Therefore, I took it and thanked them and begged for more like my master had demanded of me. After his second partner took his turn paddling me my ass was red and welted. Soon my body was shaking but I didn’t want to let my master down. Slave training has shown me many times to take anything my master has for me with a smile. “Thank you master, could I have more?” I asked, hoping it was his turn.

Anytime my master touches me makes me happy even when he uses a paddle. The attention he gives me makes me feel special and not as worthless. After that he took his favorite wooden paddle and started spanking my welted red bare ass. “Thank you master” I whimpered as my body trembled with pain. After he looked at my ass he said, “I think we are all the winners”. Then they laughed and left me there as they continued on with their good time.

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