Bare Bottom Spankings for Bad Girl

Bare bottom spankingsHe had me by the hair, spanking my ass for being such a bad girl. His dick was waving around in front of my face, fully-hard, and I wasn’t allowed to touch it. The tears were streaming down my face as my ass turned so red. Then, he let me go and lay his naked body on the bed. He had me climb on top of him reverse cowgirl style. As I started to ride him, he continued to spank my ass, hard. Every smack drove me closer and closer to orgasm, and yet, when I got close enough that he could sense I was about to cum, he pinched the backs of my thighs hard enough to distract me from it. He did that several more times. He finally shot his load deep inside of me, and then pushed me off. He made me sit with his cum inside of me all evening, not letting me clean up until just before bedtime.

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