Bare bottom spankings from Alpha male

I have been needing some Bare bottom spankings since right now I am not collard or owned by any master. I got on a chat and found an Alpha male who reminded me of my last master. He spoke about tying me up and making me into his bondage slut cum bucket. The way he spoke got my cunt hot and ready. When he came over, I greeted him on my knees. He smiled at the sight of me being naked on my knees waiting for his next direction. That is when he came up behind me and spanked my ass hard over and over with his belt, he had taken off his waist. Every time his belt hit my ass; he asked me if I was ready to be his Bondage whore. oh I was and I held my hands together like my old master liked and I presented my wrists. As he tied me up, I felt my cunt twitch. He even extended the rope to tie my feet to my hands. I was spread open and that made it easy for him to see my red welted ass and wet pussy. That was all he needed to fuck my holes, and he did all night. After he dump all his semen in my holes, he finished by giving me a golden shower, like a true alpha male. He gave me all I needed.

Bare bottom spanking

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