Bare bottom spankings from my master make me feel worthy

-I’m a worthless whore and sometimes Bare bottom spankings aren’t enough for my master. Sometimes he needs to beat me until i piss myself like a worthless dogbitch. He used his thick wooden paddle on my bare ass until it was red and swollen but that wasn’t enough. You clamped my nipples and pussy lips really hard. Next was your whip, you love whipping my nipples and making me beg for more. “Please master give me more, I love being worthy of your torture”.

That is what you need to hear to whip me over and over until my whole body is marked up. “Thank you master for giving me such a good beating”. Is how I plied as my body trembled. When my master notches my body trembling, I can tell he is very pleased by the tent in his pants. That gives me hope that I can be useful to my master. “Master, could I please show you how worthy I am to be your pet?” I whisper and then just open my mouth.

Bare bottom spankings

When my master pulls his cock out my pussy gets excited. Even when he slaps my mouth with his rod, I thank him. After a few more slaps master finally rewards me by hate fucking my mouth. It is his way of showing me I have some use. With tears running down my face I try my best not to pass out when his dick meat is balls deep in my throat. Then I feel my master squeeze my neck as his cock starts pumping semen into my belly. As he pulls his cock out and I start to pass out I whisper, “thank you master”. 

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