Erotic Submissive Stories – Slavery

Master came to play. He took me out to dinner, commanding every step I took. He ordered my food for me, and told me what to eat and when. After dinner, he treated me to a walk on the boardwalk. He had me strip down to nothing at the car, and then guided me along the boardwalk from one end to the other, and back again. He knew I was equal parts embarrassed and turned on, and he made sure by sticking his finger inside me once we got back to the car. He let me settle back on his leather seat completely naked, handing me my clothes when I was sorted. Once we got back to my place, I thought he was surely ready to get off, but he proved me wrong. He made me start a load of laundry, including what I’d worn that night. Erotic submissive storiesThen, he led me to my bedroom, commanded me to lie down on the bed, and then stood at the foot of the bed. He wanted me to touch myself. He wanted one hand on my tits, and the other playing with my pussy. I was to rub one out, and so I started. I slid my right hand over my right nipple and then moved it along to my left, as my left hand worked its way to my clit. I started rubbing circles over my clit before plunging 2 of my fingers straight up inside of me. I worked myself up into the heat of just before climax, and I begged him for the chance to cum. He denied me, choosing that moment to strip himself down and stuff his big dick up inside of me. Oh, I fought so hard to control that orgasm, and when he finally told me I could cum, it was such a release!

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