Feed me semen during Slave training sessions

Feed me all your semen when we do our Slave training sessions. You have taught me I only get what I deserve and I eat when you feed me. You tied me up after you whipped my body with your favorite whip. Every time the whip hit my skin it sent a sting all over my body down to my cunt. You could see the rope was burning my skin, but you don’t care. you tell me. The marks you leave all over my body you trained me to believe they are love marks. That is your way of showing me I am your favorite worthless whore. You don’t give a fuck about a whore, and I know that when you mark me up it is your way of showing me i belong to you last night you took it further than you normally do. After the whippings my body started welting and bleeding. You used your Bondage whore so good you wanted to reward me. You used the blood from my lashings to lube your cock up. That made it easy for you to push you hard cock inside me and I fell to my knees. I could take it all the love you gave me making me your special whore made me squirt. You then pulled your cock out and jacked off into my mouth feeding me your big load.  Like a good whore, I cleaned your cummy bloody dick.

Slave training

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