Slave training with my grandfather taught me what I know!

Slave trainingWhen I spent weekends over my nana’s house my grandpa would sneak in my room late at night and take advantage of my young body. He sculpted me for a while before convincing me to spread my legs for him! He did not want me to be resistant he preferred I submit.. No yelling, no fight just lay back and take it like a good Submissive slut! He started by having me sit on his lap before bed while he read me a bedtime story..

I would feel his cock bulging against my derriere, he would call it a snake and tell me to wiggle my hips to greet him! It tickled.. The only thing between his pulsing cock and my hairless slit was a thin pair of cotton panties. I would always have a huge wet spot on my undies when I would climb into bed.. Papa always kissed me on my lips with a nibble to my bottom lip.. He would yank at my bottom lip and make grring noises.. As a game I would get bent over his knee and given light Bare bottom spankings.

As time went on my grandpas games started advancing! He would come sit with me in the playroom and play house with me.. He taught me to have my doll latch onto my dime sized nipples and breast feed. He started giving me rub downs because mothers have stressful days and deserved massages! He would lay me down on my tummy naked and lather my 4 foot body in lotion.. slowly gliding his masculine hands down my back and through the crack of my ass..

He started spreading my cheeks and kissing my pucker.. Eventually his entire tongue was feeding my asshole saliva. Then one day he asked me if I wanted a new doll.. Of course I said yes! This time he said in order to get one I was going to have to create one.. That’s when he popped my cherry, he told me mommies and daddies do naughty things to make offspring’s. I remember clenching my hands into the pillow that grandpa laid on my face.. He told me it was going to hurt a bit and prepared me for the snag of pain. He filled my cunnie up with thick creamy cum then got me dressed and took me to build a bear to create my first doll. That was only the beginning of Slave training till this day nobody knows about me and grandpas games.. I still tend to his needs like the proper well trained whore that I am. 

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