Fuck Meat Entertainment For Daddy!

Bondage whoreMy owner had a lovely session set up for me today and I was so excited to see what he had in store in for me. When I walked in and saw everything set up I knew I was in for the time of my life. My favorite Hitachi wand was set up with all the rope/restraints laid out for me to see. I could feel my pussy throbbing/tingling in my panties because I knew I was going to be able to cum. I have not been allowed to cum from my Master in over 3 months so I could feel how drenched and excited my little fuck hole was getting just standing there. 

I was enthralled with excitement and anticipation; my daddy could see me getting all worked up and he loved it. He grabbed me by the hair and threw me to the ground and said “Take off your panties bitch and open up your mouth”. I did exactly what he said and waited with my mouth open; all my drool was dripping down my chin. He stood above me with his rock hard shaft and said “If you take care of this cock properly you will be rewarded you fucking bitch”. I shook my head so excited to play and so needy for his cock in my mouth.

He pumped my throat open hard and made me look up at him while my makeup ran down my face. He loved a messy blowjob and enjoyed making all his cunts cry for him after a face fuck. He used my mouth for a while and nutted all over my face; I was covered in my spit and cum. He dragged me over to the set up and began restraining and roping me up to the wood slacks. He spread my legs and slapped my cunt a few times. He then covered up my mouth and said “I don’t want to hear you so I am going to keep this over your mouth whore”.

He cranked on that vibe and pushed it up my clit. He sat back and watched me squirm and get tortured by that vibe forever. I squirted all over so many times until I could not even feel my clit. I was in a daze and could not take it anymore I needed it to stop. My daddy came over and shut off the vibe and laughed at my disorientation; he told me I had enough orgasms for a lifetime. He slapped me in the face and pissed all over my fat tits and cunt. He called me a dumb whore and took me down. I laid there for quite a while unable to move!

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