He owns me

Slave training

Our first session was amazing because Mr. David did things to me that brought back old memories of when I was a wide eyed perky pussy lip daisy. Mr. David let me know right away that he owned me, and I must do everything he told me to without question. I let my new owner Mr. David know that he could be confident in me because I wanted nothing more than to please him because right away I loved Mr. David. As far as I’m concerned if Mr. David wants me to fuck 15 guys at once then that is what I will do and I will do it to the maximum like a really good slut should. I was so excited because my hard cock owner wanted me to fuck seven guys to start off with one guy would be pounding my asshole one guy fucking my pussy so hard while the third guy is making me swallow his hard-erupting dick two other guys with my hands full with their cocks on hard waiting to fuck me and two other guys slapping my cheeks waiting to double fuck me in my ass and my cunt. That is what my owner Mr. David wanted and that is what he got because I live to satisfy him.


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