If You Don’t Fuck Me I Will Tell Your Wife

Cum slut phone sex


So, Andrew thought he could fuck me like a beast and parade his big ass cock in my gushy squishy pussy then just say fuck me and leave. This motherfucker is about to feel pain for real because that big dick bastard is married to a rich whore whose daddy’s money is paying for everything that Andrew has. If this fucker wants to stop taking my calls I will fix him. I will just leave this message about how I know where he lives, and I know that pretty little tramp he calls a wife. Andrew if you don’t bring your ass to my house ready to power drive my wet cunt with your coke hard cock I’m calling your Main Slut and I’m going to tell her everything you bitch, this is no joke. You can’t just fuck me like that and then leave! I sucked your cock to the fucking balls, you came in my mouth and I swallowed every fucking drop! Andrew, you said you would fuck me every night and you fucking lied. Twenty minutes later guess who was at my door greeting my hungry mouth with his bone hard cock.

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