Learned to love Prostate milking

At first my master would have to force me to give him some Prostate milking. He would have to first tie me up and I would fight and get beat like a little punk bitch. He would stop until I would give up and l finally stuck my tongue far enough to give him the best rim job. Now as soon as my master takes me out my cage and ties me up my cunt drips. It drips knowing I will get to taste my master’s ass and cock and if I am lucky he will feed me a big load of semen. Last night he was riding my face so hard I could barely breathe and my lips were going numb. My master didn’t care and kept going faster pushing my tongue deeper into his ass. When he was about to come he turned around and slapped me with his hard meat and blasted his load all over my face. Some splashed up my nose and I couldn’t take a breath. He just laughed and turned me around to give my ass Bare bottom spankings until I pissed myself. Before I went back into my cage, I had to make sure to lick all my mess up off the floor like an animal. 

Prostate milking

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