Submissive Sex with Gretchen

He had a massive fucking dick, and I was so horny that I just wanted to gobble it up. He wasn’t having any of it, though. Just BECAUSE I wanted that dick in my mouth, he denied me. He started playing with my pussy – fingering my clit, sliding those fingers into my cunt, massaging gently and just driving me batty. When I thought he was finally going to fill my pussy up with that big dick, I was mistaken. Submissive sexHe started to slide that dick into my tight, dry ass. His pussy-juice covered hand came up to wrap around my throat and catch my moans before they could escape me. He worked himself into my sphincter completely dry, forcing the head past the tight muscles. He thrust in and out, shoving that dick further and further up my sphincter. He even sat down with me on his lap and held my legs up and back some so that he could force his big dick even deeper into me. Once he finally got that shaft balls-deep into my cunt, he started working it in and out, over and over, driving that dick into my g-spot from behind. He worked me into a frenzy, so much so that I started doing my best to bounce up and down on him even as he held me prone. When I came, I gushed juices all down my ass and his cock and balls. He made me clean it, too, but I totally didn’t mind!

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