Submissive Sex with Naughty Slave

Submissive sexMaster came home early, and walked into the kitchen to find me absent-mindedly fingering my cunt. This time, instead of whipping or clamping me, or any such thing, he had a different type of punishment. He laid me down on the bed, climbed between my legs, rubbed his cock over my pussy and clit until he was as hard as he could get. Then, he thrust deep into me, and just stayed there, using his hands and fingers to pluck and twist at my nipples until they were super tender. He let me cover them, and I lay there, torn between wanting to sob about how abused my tits were, and wanting to grind my hips on his big dick thrust deep inside me. He never moved his dick, though, and any time that I tried to start grinding on him, he stilled my hips. I wasn’t allowed to fuck him, masturbate myself on his dick, or anything. He just lay there for over an hour, buried deep inside of me. Then, he did the unthinkable. He stood up, jerked off over me until he was ready to cum, then walked into the bathroom and came into the toilet. He flushed his precious cum down the toilet rather than let me have it. I was heart-broken!

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