Bare bottom spankings to start the week off

“Time for your start of the week Bare bottom spankings” my master said as he led me out my bitch kennel. As I crawled out, my master pulled his cock out and started pissing all over me. “I love marking my property” he said as he drenched me. After he pissed on me, I waited on my knees like a good obedient whore while I got a golden shower. Once I was dry my master pulled be my leash and bent me over his knee. After some spanking my ass felt hot and sore.

Bare bottom spankings

“Bitch have you had enough?” He asked me. “Yes master, thank you” I replied. Then he spanked me again and again as he laughed. “That was a trick question” he joked. “You know I say when you had enough”. After a bit more he stood up and pulled some rope for binding.  Like a good taught whore, I got into position. Once I was tied up, he pulled his cock out and shoved it down my throat. “Milk me like you master likes bitch” my master demanded as he face fucked me with his cock.

My master laughed as I choked and gargled on your cock as you fucked me. Finally, your ball sack tightened up and your dick starts spraying me with semen. “Don’t waste any” he says since that is part of my Slave training. Therefore, I drank all of his thick gooey nut. When he was done, he walked me like a pathetic pup back into my kennel. “Now that is a way a bitch like you starts the wee” you say as you walk away satisfied and drained”. 

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