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Spanking Your Mommy

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Yes, Son anything you want of this subby mommy. Tweak my tits and use the bridle me. The riding crop stings as you flog my sensitive nipples. Tie my knees together yes, My Teenage Son you are doing so well. I am sorry for my tears, I am just not used to you inflicting so much pain on me. I am roughly handcuffed by my elbows and wrist by you. I am biting down and moaning in pain as the crop is spanking my whore ass hole. my pussy lips become so swollen under your hands. Flogging me as my spit and tears soak into the carpet. An, when you think I have had enough You,u force your cock into your submissive Mommies pussy only enough to wet it. Now I am being forced anal fucked and my screams are only slightly muffed around the bridle in my teeth. The riding crop continues to lash my ass cheeks as you finish inside your mothers’ ass.  My only relief is my daughter’s warm mouth cleaning out my ass.  I am yours now and You can do whatever you wish of me.

Hung Like a Brahma Bull For this XXX Bondage SubSlut

xxx bondage

This Slut was working on her XXX bondage slut routine at the local Titty bar. My husband loves the cash I bring in with my erotic dancing and men in black masks binding me naked on stage. My milky tits bouncing as I get woven in extreme knots and spanked for the crowd. This is no ordinary strip club, this is for my BDSM clientele.  So when hubby pulled a man masked in a black hood to the dressing room and said I would do anything he asked I knew I was a paid for subslut. I was slapped and bound tightly as the man pulled out his huge dick. I swear he was hung like a Brahma bull! There was no escaping his girth as he shoved it down my milf throat. Gagging and crying as he let me breathe he demanded that I describe my daughter’s body in detail.  After each question, he thrust his mammoth bull cock back in my throat. Being the submissive whore that I am I asked no questions when he wanted to know about her body and her little friends. It was time to take him in my mommy pussy and tell him how I touched her and if I wanted to be bred again. I answered yes as he bottomed out every inch of my pussy. I was his breeding slut as he let go all of his creamy goodness deep in my birth canal. He spat on my face and said he would be seeing me a lot more. I had better be ready for his Bareback Bull cock and seed whenever he saw me. I knew this man would be using me for his submissive seed bearer. There was no way to know who the man in the hood was except for that cock that was insanely huge. 

Drill This Submissive Sex Slave Deep

submissive sex

I messed up the grocery list again. Sometimes I am such a dumb submissive sex whore. I had my mind on the new store manager. He was barking orders and he was a very big black man. The kind of man who would make a great dom daddy. When I got home I had milk no cereal and Peanut butter no bread. My Master Was very angry and it was my daughter who tattled on me. She said Mommy really likes the new Manager at the Stop and Shop Daddy, We should punish her! I had always coddled My girl. It is my son who I take orders from as well as my Master I am bound too by marriage. My Clothes were peeled off layer by layer. My tits spanked By my Masters’ big hands, as well as every exposed piece of skin. The paddle was handed to my daughter and she gave me the worst of bare bottom spankings! Hot oil was poured down my bald slit and my ass crack. I was going to pay for having a wondering whore eye. I know I am a whore but when my family suffers I must be punished. Nice and lubed my sweet angel watched as I was pummeled over and over by Masters Thick goodness deep in my ass. The peanut butter was smeared on the family fur Friends Red rocket and I was made to lick it off as I was being gapped! Oh, How my ass was opened. I was forced to do these slave training elements because of my whore pussy wanting to be Fucke day a Big Black master cock! I wish I didn’t have to go through so much nasty and dirty punishment for being the slave whore I am. It is what I deserve right? Do You think I deserve some of that BBC for being a punished so? 

Spanking Chat Robyn Loves Pain

spanking Chat

I am more than a nasty P-mommy sex slave to my husband and son. I am their pain slut especially when my ex-husband David is caught leaving our home. I become a bitch in heat ready to be spanked. Only now my ass is going to opened painfully as I am tied over the chair.  forceps open my ass and my anal hook is tied to my waist. When I am spanked for taking Davids cock I won’t be able to move or I will tear my asshole apart all on my own. I wiggle and cry out. Please, I am sorry for being a whore but My men whip me and whip my sass. My spanking is unbearable. A wand is placed on my pussy and I am cumming hard for the pain. I am also Informed that I will be the neighborhood whore to any Mistress or Master who wishes to use me. My daughters will be reserved for My husband Master and his play. I will be the whore and My Husband and son will inflict my pain and use my girls as they wish. My ass is so red and painful but I am left here for hours so Thay may whip me as they choose.

Cum Eating Phone Sex Mommy

cum eating phone sex

DO you question why cum eating phone sex is so fucking hot to you? Its because you always wanted to put your mommy and little sister in submission to eat your cum. Every cum load you had jerking that teen cock off was for mommy and sissy mouths. I know your dirty secret. You put your cum in mommies coffee behind her back, didn’t you? You made sissies bottle and added your cream. You saw mommy taking daddy cream and knew that you could use mommy fuck holes so much better than him. Her hair around your fist, your cock down her throat as you made her offer up a sweet and innocent mouth for your cock cream. Your mother’s role should have been to let you tie her up and get bare bottom spankings from you. You should have been the head dick of your home. A true master. My husband teaches my boy how to handle me and has for a while now. My daughters are subject to that cock cream just as I am. I know now that you became your own master but you need a sexy sub-p-mommy to live out those teen cream dreams. I know that a mother and her daughters should be at your feet. When My own son calls I know to get the ropes and set the scene as he wishes. Unlike your mommy, I know my place as his submissive. My husband is a good Master teaching our son that women are to be a submissive slut and privy to every cock that they want to fuck us. Gangbangs are common for a milf whore such as I and I will do my part in making my young ones good subby little whores as well. Come, cum put s in our place darling Master.

Erotic Submissive P-Mommy

erotic submissive stories

Yes, I am an erotic submissive P-mommy. My husband and son subject me to bondage so I can watch my darling suck daddy and brother cock. My son is a bit older and enjoys stretching out her little mouth as I watch helplessly from the bathroom floor. He taunts me with how much of his growing cock he can get in her mouth. Ripped from getting out of the tub and gagged and bound I watch my P-men enjoy her body. I can’t blame them when they are gone I give her special mommy love. Licking her pussy and sucking her tongue as if to make up for the rough Spankings and bondage that we both endure. She holds my face and tells me what a good mommy whore I am for daddy and Bubba. I think she will make a good BDSM whore for a man, don’t you? I think a nice dom like you can train us both to please your cock just how you like it. 

Submissive Slut Milf

submissive slut

Cum, and cum with this submissive slut. My ropes are ready and my tongue is all yours. I will lick that ass hole and make that prostate empty all over my face! See I know that my hubby and offspring love my tongue. Everybody takes turns on my face. I don’t have to be tied up but I love to be bound. Flip me over and bust my ass. Red handprints are my legacy for being a dutiful servant of sexual gratification. My precious angels love when mommy gets spanked, they know when mommy is tied up and no place to go they get to hop on my face and ride my tongue.  My youngest even loves to pinch my nipples and ask when hers will grow this big. I tell her when she learns to deepthroat then her tits will come in. Don’t I sound like the best mommy ever? I know you have what it takes to control this submissive.

I know My Place

hardcore bondage

It has been said that sluts no longer know their place in this world. This subby Hardcore bondage slut does though. I know that I am supposed to adorn my cuffs and shackles. My collar I wear proudly.  My ball gag is looped to my nipple clamps as I stay in perfect form. I have been in position a while now. My husband and son love to watch me teeter on my heels. One wrong move my nipple and pussy clamps will be pulled off. I am a good sex slave. I am teaching my brat daughters the meaning of being a good mom and slave.

There is no line between me being a mother and a sex slave. I do all my duties extremely well. And if I mess up I will be subject to punishment. I love punishment. I must always be reminded of my place. When I am released and make my men cum I will fold the laundry and make sure our home is in perfect order.  I am that subby Milf that may wear a red handprint on her ass under her skirt at the checkout line. But I know my place as every woman should.

Bondage Whore Robyn

bondage whore

 It is dark in the closet where this bondage whore has been thrown. When My husband finds out I was trying to find a side Dom, I will be punished. Why does that excite me so much? My pussy is dripping thinking about the man I met online and what he will do to me. And my hole is throbbing when I am late making dinner and my whoreness is exposed to my Husband and Brats. I went looking for a soft Master. One who would caress my ass and face after a whipping or cock sucking. But no my submissive side must show so well. I got fucked hard, with my panties pushed to the side and when This dom got a call he threatened severe torture if I made a whimper from this dark closet.  I have been bound and the ropes hurt. I hear a female yelling and crying asking where is she. I am almost afraid she will find me. Females can be very cruel. She sounds 20 years younger. I hear things being overturned and My Dom begging her to stop. Do you think she found me? Did she beat me and make me squirt for her? To be continued…

Slutty Submissive Nurse Robyn

female bondage

I was put in female bondage while being nursemaid to your father. My skirt was hemmed 3 inches higher and my tits on full display per your request. I was demanded to give him a full body sponge bath. He didn’t seem as weak as you said when I gave him a sponge bath. When the soaped up sponge washed his large cock it grew hard and stood completely erect. I hear him whisper suck it. I didn’t believe my ears. I leaned closer and your father pushed my head down and with strength, I hadn’t known forced me to suck his old man cock. I was gagging as you came in and was bobbing on his cock. You pulled me by my hair and both of you restrained me and gagged me and handcuffed me to his bed. I was whipped and degraded for being a naughty nurse. But when you spread my pussy lips I was dripping from cumming on myself. You made me take that nice big old man cock as you bit my tits and pinched my clit. It was a setup to demean and punish this submissive whore all along. 

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