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New Freezer

I went to go buy a new freezer today and I was greeted by a creepy salesman. I informed him that I needed to get a new freezer because my current one was not functioning properly. He told me that he had some that were on sale in the back and said he would show them to me if I followed him. As we approached the back I could hear him mumbling to himself. I asked him “what was that?” he turned around and said oh nothing with this very odd grin. As we rounded the corner I noticed we were heading down a dingy hallway that smelled damp and a little moldy.

Submissive whore

We stopped in front of this door with a padlock on it and I thought how odd that was but as he opened the big metal door, it creaked open and he ushered me in. It was dark and clammy. I heard the door slam shut and I knew I was in trouble. I felt a hand push me down and I hit something kind of soft but firm like an old mattress laying on the floor. As he pushed me down I could hear him breathing heavy and he whispered harshly if I wanted a discount on the freezer, I would have to earn it. You know what happened next…



Shove things in my ass

I love having my ass stuffed with things. I love cock in my ass, toys in my ass, fingers in my ass, and anything else that will fit in there. I love being told what a good little bitch I am as I am pounded with a big fat throbbing cock and balls slapping against my clit and cunt. I really love it when I am bound and spread wide open to be vulnerable and ready to take whatever you got for me. I have had a baseball bat in my anus. I have had dildos, cock s and toys in my asshole. I have been slapped, bound gagged and ass raped fantasy style in my pretty taught asshole. My puckered asshole is like a mouth that is always hungry and craving things to be fed, shoved and pushed into it.  I even love sucking a big fat cock and having another cock in my cunt and my asshole all at the same time.


Submissive whore



Im your naughty slut whore

I am such a good whore. When my master says jump I enjoy doing whatever he tells me to do. I will suck his cock for hours as he whips my ass until it is red and welted. I enjoy it when my master takes his big head and rams it into my ass hole because I was misbehaving and did not follow his instructions exactly. I feel like he shows me exactly how a woman should be treated and he fucks me silly when I do not do what I am told. I am great at taking a beating and being a good little submissive whore. I want to be fucked, hit, slapped, punched, kicked and any other abuse you want to dish out to me I will take like a good little whore. I am here to serve and please.  Fuck me hard or soft, whatever you want I am here to please your cock. Let me be your your good naughty little whore.


Bare bottom spankings

Burn baby burn

My ass cheeks are on fire literally. I submitted to my master last night and he gave me some ass loving. He bent me over and tied me up so my ass was in the air. He then inserted a speculum into my tight asshole. He widened it so that I spread like a flower when he turned the notch. It made me so wet to feel my asshole splitting open and exposing my insides. After master had me open, exposed and ready to play, he lit a candle.

Submissive whore

He then slapped my ass a few times and asked me if I was a good girl today. I replied yes, sir and he started to pour wax on my ass cheeks. I wiggled from the pleasurable pain as it stung my skin like a thousand little red hot needles. He then asked if I wanted to cum, I begged to cum as he poured the rest of the wax onto my ass cheeks, including in my ass crack down to my pussy. I screamed and came so fucking hard. My ass still burns.

tied rape fuck fantasy

I had a rape fantasy yesterday and it was so scary. Someone came in through my window and crawled on top of me while I was sleeping. I woke up to my panties being forced into my mouth and down my throat so I could not scream. He spread my legs open and tied my legs to the posts. He handcuffed my hands together above my head. He then forced his fat cock inside my cunt, as I struggled he slapped me several times.

Rape phone sex fantasies

He took a belt from my drawer and wrapped it around my neck like a collar, he said if I struggle more he was gonna choke the life out of me. I stopped out of fear and let him fuck my cunt hole until he blew a big old load inside me. He said I will see you again soon, keep that pussy wet for me and I will take your ass next time too. I now keep my windows locked.

seen and not heard whore

My little cunt craves some touching from some strong and sturdy hands. The kind that are rough and know exactly how to treat me. I want to feel a strong grip on my throat and a heavy thrust in to my fuck hole. I am not in to that soft lovey dovey bull shit. I need a stern personality, a strong hand to swat my ass, a hard and fat cock to fuck my cunt and my ass hole, and a huge load to shoot down the back of my throat.

Submissive whore

I love it when my hair is pulled, my legs are open and I am tied up like a pretzel. I love being whipped, spit on and humiliated because I am a submissive little whore and I was taught a long  time ago that I am to be seen and not heard unless I am moaning or choking on a big wad of jizz from a yummy cock and balls.

Is it to much to ask

I am a bad girl with a bad attitude.  I really need an attitude adjustment because I just can not seem to get myself out of this funk. I really think I need a spanking on my bare ass with a big paddle that will leave me black and blue, so I can not sit down for a week. I can not help but moping around and feeling sorry for my help because my pussy has not been pounded or fucked recently.

Submissive whore

Its really to the point that I may just throw a full blown tantrum just to get my way and make master mad, I really do not feel like my pussy, my ass hole, my mouth or really any of my body is getting put to good use wasting away like this. All I want is for someone to tell me what a good little submissive whore I am and slap me around a bit. It that too much to ask?

Fucked by master and his furry friend

I was so humiliated, my master/sir had me tied down and made me suck his cock while his furry friend licked my asshole and cunt. My master made me eat out the bowl used to feed his four legged companion and  I was made to be his bitch He said since I was such a good little itch that he was going to breed us. I was tied down in the position that gave his furry friend complete access to smell and sniff my pussy, my asshole and lick me inside and out. I was then straddled by him and  he inserted his non human cock into my pussy, as he was thrusting and kept popping out of me he would go between holes and my pussy and asshole were his personal playground to make mini barkers . When his furry companion was done fucking my holes and my master had shot his load into my throat, they left me there dripping in human and barker cum. It was so humiliating.


Submissive whore



Think twice before opening my mouth to speak

I did not mean any of what I just said, I am so grateful to have you in my life. This is what I had to keep saying over and over after I had the audacity to accuse my boyfriend of cheating on me when he came home late. I should have known better to talk like that to him. He then reminded me that it did not matter if hew was out late or had cheated. He showed me that he comes home and always takes care of me.

Submissive whore

He reminded me that my hot tight ass, my cunt slit and pussy were all his and that he will always come home to this because nobody lets him do what I do to me. I am his sweet little fuck whore and my mouth should be full of his cock and balls, not harsh words. H e showed me exactly what I needed to be reminded of so I think twice before I let accusations leave my lips.

Lead by example

My sir/master enjoys watching me tell others what to do and torturing them. I have to be careful though  because my master expects me to be able to to lead by example. If I am willing to dish out a punishment for my masters enjoyment, then he expects me to be willing to show I can handle it first. If I do not do as my master says I am held responsible and he punishes me first. My master is fond of playing with me while he inflicts just enough pain to get his point across and teach me these valuable lessons. I get the honor of setting an example for these girls and my master is caring enough to even give me the idea of a little control to pick what these other girls get to experience. I just must be willing to endure it myself first. I am so willing and ready that I will endure, especially so me and master can come together.

Bondage whore

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