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BDSM Gang Rape Fantasy

I am such a naughty little slut. I invited a few guys to come over to my home last night for a few drinks. When they showed up they had a couple of friends with them, so it was five of them and just one of me. I cannot say that I did not like the attention. However when things turned a little more sexual I was interested in one of the guys. I ended up being fucked by all five though. They bound me with stuff in my own home, took me to my bedroom and then took turns fantasy raping all of my holes.

Submissive whore

At one point I even had one of those cocks in my mouth, one in my asshole under me and one fucking my cunt thrusting while standing between my legs.  The two extra men stood by and video taped it while telling me what a whore I was and how I liked it. They used me and tore all of my holes open wile switching positions wit h each other from time to time. I cannot lie, it was exhausting but I came hard, so fucking hard… multiple times.

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I had the craziest sensation that I was being watched in the shower this morning.  started letting my imagination run wild to see where it would go.  The only thing I could think about was how I was going to open the shower curtain and a guy would be there dressed all in black with a ski mask on and a hard cock waiting for me as he gazed over my naked and wet dripping body.


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I would be forced to suck his cock, open my legs wide as he fucked not only my ass but also my mouth and my pussy hole as well. I would be subjected to the cruelest torture. I would be tied and bound while he had his way with me over an over gain. And after he was finished, I would be forced to get back into the shower to clean off and make all of the evidence disappear, just as my attacker would while I showered.

Submissive Whore: Daddy Issues

I am so tired of people asking questions about my child hood. Yes, my daddy fucked me when I was a girl. Yes my daddy passed me around like a fucking whore. So fucking what. There is this prissy bitch who has the perfect life and she is always trying to make my life hell. You know the type PTA,blah blah…. I  may not have the perfect life or background. But… I guarantee that I can fuck better, I suck a mean cock compared to little miss prissy ass.

Submissive whore

I guarantee I am twice as freaky as she is and I will always get more cock. I know this because of all of the freaky and incest sex sessions I had with daddy. I will not be a wrinkly prude shrew, I let my freakishness out and I do what I want. I fuck who I want. I fuck how I want, and I am enjoy my sex life. I do not think miss goody two shoes will be able to say the same.

Submissive whore anal hole meltdown

I really love playing with candle wax. I find the sensation of the wax as it hits my body and stings a little, burns a little, and feels gooey like a hot glue gun when your get a little bit on your finger. The candle wax has always been a fetish of mine. I also enjoy being fucked in my asshole rough and hard. I enjoy being tied up, spanked and have a rock hard cock rammed into my ass.  Now if I can put two and two together, it would be even better, here’s what I had in mind:

Submissive whore

I would enjoy bending over as my legs are wide open and exposing my big brown eye, then having my lover drip candle wax all over my asshole, getting it nice and warm for the cock that is about to be put in there. I want that cock pushed into my ass and as my lover is thrusting in and out of me, I want that candle wax dripped all over my ass cheeks, leaving red little streaks of wax and burns.

Submissive whore: Masters in training

I had run an ad in the paper sometime ago looking for a master and someone who was comfortable giving me all of the pleasurable pain that gets me coming. I had a man answer my a and we met up, hit it off and got right to work. I love being his slave and having him do wonderfully painful things to my body. After we had been sleeping together for some time, he divulged some information to me and said he had 2 boys of his own.

Submissive whore

He told me he wanted his boys to learn how to become masters of the art of bondage and submission as well. I explained to him that I would be honored to be the subject of training for them and that he could use me as whatever they wanted and anyway he needed to. I think it is very important that his boys become masters of the art so they can please subs like me in the future.

Submissive whore thrifty toys

I came across this funky looking device when I was in the thrift store trying to find a few interesting things to decorate my home. I had caught something in the corner of my eye, it was black and was bulky. Upon going to view it and inspect what it was, I saw it had straps and a lot of random wholes. I got a little closer and realized it was an old school sex swing with some adaptions that may have been made to it. I got excited and really wet as I saw all of the things it had attached to it.

Submissive whore

I pulled the ticket to buy it and as I took the ticket up to the register my imagination started running away with what I was going to do when I got home. I have a lot of dildos and other sex toys that would make me scream and make my pussy come over and over again if I incorporated it into my new toy. I got the toy, loaded it into m car and headed home. Oh I am so wet. I will update you as to the fun I had.

Submissive Whore Robyn’s Pussy

My name is Robyn and I am hot piece of ass that would love to tease and please you. I love to be controlled and shown what a women is suppose to be treated like. You can wine me and dine me, then fuck every hole I have. Or… you can slap me around, fantasy rape me and leave my asshole bruised and bloodied. I am down for whatever you want honey. Trust me, I can take anything you want. I get so wet from the pain and even more pleasure from knowing that I have pleased you.

Submissive whore

I get off on watching you do whatever you want to other girs and making me o it as well. I can be perfectly obedient and wickedly submissive for your pleasurable delight. My legs spread so wide and my throat is very deep Give me that cock however you want and I will be grateful on my hands and knees begging for more.

Submissive whore to do your bidding

Do you have a secret fantasy that needs attention but you think it is to violent? Well, I do. I loved to be violently punished for all of my naughty choices. I can not help but get all creamy and wet when I am slapped around or tied up. I come from a very dysfunctional family and being tied up is not the worst I have ever had. I was abused so much when I was just a girl that I become accustomed to the pain and eventually learned to like it.

Submissive whoreI had probably over 500 cocks in my ass and my cunt by the time I had hit college. I do not know any other way to have an orgasm unless there is some kind of pain associated. Lets just say that daddy, my uncles and the rest of my family made the perfect victim who would suck their cocks at will, call them master and love every minute of it after she was trained.

Submissive whore snatch

Submissive whore

Nothing gets me wetter than my masters voice commanding my pretty snatch hole on what to do. I find that commanding and authoritative voice so very sexy and it gets me wet almost instantly that he would not even need lube to fuck me hard right now. I am a good girl and do what master says because I enjoy being rewarded with his cock inside my wet cunt hole. However, some days it just seems worth it to be a little bad so that way master deprives me and teases me while making the pain so very pleasurable as a punishment for my disobedience. I enjoy a very hard pounding a long thick cock to fuck my ass hole while I scream in pain and pleasure. I love having my face shoved down on masters cock because I know it pleases him. Like I said, I am a good girl. Even when I am bad. Master knows it, that’s why he gives it to me the way I like.

Submissive whore needs a pounding

Submissive whore

I have a confession to make. I love to be slapped around and made to feel pain. I cannot help it, I find it very sexually arousing to be slapped, spanked and fucked hard. It must come from being sold as a sex slave around my family when I was just a girl. My daddy and his friends, my uncles and everyone really would use me as a cum slut. They would make me do humiliating things and torture me with random objects as they fucked all of my holes when they use to be tight as a girl. I learned to love the pain and started to get a sense of Stockholm for all of my abusers. I can not get off unless there is pain involved. My pussy and asshole always ache for sexual attention that is demeaning, humiliating and will make me the stupid bondage cunt slut I know that I am. To be reminded every once in awhile just keeps me in line.

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