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He Made a Scat S&M Video

s&M video

Master made a very nasty scat S&M video of me. First, I was put in my fishnet body suit and gagged and bound with blue rope. My face was slapped and my ass whipped with a bamboo cane until I couldn’t cry anymore.  I was thrown in the shower and Master Pissed on me. Then each of my girls and my teen son came and pissed on this filthy P-mommy submissive. I had no clue what I had done, my mind replaying the things I could have been caught doing. The phones came out and my son and husband each took turns shitting on me. My ball gag was loosened so I could taste that ass hole covered with creamy shit. I have to say it was hot being a toilet slave.

I still do not know what I was punished with shit for, But I will submit any day of the week to make my men happy.scat phone sex

Sexy Submission P-Milf

sexy bondage

cock worshiping

There comes a time in every sluts life where she knows that sexy submission is all you need. She worships your cock and wants you to know that she will be on her hands and knees for you daily. Then there are the whores like me that have been submissive since I could remember. I was daddies plaything and I produced brats for my husband so he could have playthings. The fact that breeding me kept me right where he wanted me was a plus. My body belonged to him and he could use me any way he wanted. Including a preggo bukkake whore who took her punishment and learned exactly what was required of me. And now I am a subby P-mommy, who enjoys giving my daughter to big brother and hubby. I find submission so sexy that I can’t help touching and teaching my daughters where we belong. Cum sluts are the only way of life they will ever know, care to play?

Prostate Milking Momma

prostate milking

I am a prostate milking momma. I tend to be the submissive who always has her tongue in my husband and sons asshole trying to eat those asses so well that I milk every drop of cum from those big cocks. It is a hard task to teach my daughters, they dislike the taste of shit, but to be a good sub slut they must do exactly as I do. 

I have been known to be called Masters Mommy pet, whose only pleasure will be eating his ass until he milks his prostate all over our daughters’ faces. Then I am locked in my cage and only let out to fetch his slippers and bring him his reading material in the bathroom. Then this cheap phone sex Subslut I must wait to clean his ass after a nice shit. And be his piss whore. I love being his slave and cum slut, but recently master has been looking for a Mistress to run me and my offspring while he is away at work, or out of town. See he also wants our teen son to learn discipline, as it has been said that Mistresses make the best slave trainers and the harshest dominate men to their knees. I know That on sissy slut hut he will find me a Mistress that will train me and our son the right way!  After all, we all love being a submissive whore once in a right? 

cheap phone sex

P-Mommy Puppy Pet

spanking chat

Its Time we had a spanking chat with your P-mommy Puppy pet. After all who is going to train your mother better than you can my perfect son! Tie mommy up and spank her ass as you play with her vibe you caught her playing with in the closet with her little girls. Your firm hand makes perfect marks on mommies ass! Now grab your little sisters and put those asses in the air and hogties those cute baby girls. Now spank those asses raw! The box of sex toys are open and you find ben wa balls to stick inside your sisters as you tan those hides! They are crying and whimpering and you grab me by the hair and piss in a doggy bowl. “Drink up mommy whore,” you demand! I am lapping I own sons piss out of a doggy dish. Your sisters start to squeal and I look up and you are removing those ben wa toys and shoving your fingers deep in them. You look at me and say that they are ready for big brother cock and its all this mommies fault for being a dirty P-slut! Now you are really going to be a dom son master and teach us all a lesson…

Submissive Slut On Show At A Slave Party

submissive slut

I was won in a poker game from my family. This submissive slut is in a super stretchy pink skirt, 5-inch heels and a  Sweet “wicked weasel” bikini, pool party to show off slave, thin leather straps to show off my tits, a nice collar for me that is hot pink with the words slut on it!  My new master has tied a belt around my waist to grip and slap pinch and use my body. Anybody now has permission to fondle and slap me, before the party starts a very thin cane to leave a couple of very nice whelps on my ass and above and below my tits, Thighs and front and back of thighs as well, Three strips across my pussy! Fresh marks enhance my body parts. On top of that a full hand print on my cheek. The Party has started a lot of friends and acquaintances grabbing my pussy and using my holes. My family can not touch me, I must show them how well of a slave I am. My husband and son are all watching including my daughter sluts. As they stare this new master decides my nipples aren’t as tall as they should be. He orders two bowls very cold Ice water  I am made to put my arms behind my subby back and stand spread apart. He then submerges my beautiful tits in Ice water. Oomph, 3 nice slaps to my ass. My skirt riding high up exposing my marks on my ass. Stripped of my skirt and asked, “Do you like exposing yourself, nipples hard”? My nipple ring hoops he has attached weights on my nipple to stretch my nipples some. Hard slaps and trained to cum on command, hard pinch on my clit and cum and cum again. Well drenched panties and very see through. Rod with a vibrator on it spread my legs up inside my cunt. Metal vibrator goes as far as it can go. Demanded and a must that I stand on my toes or the tip will be vibe will be very painful. Wires from the vibrator from the sound system on the music. I am dancing on a stick in my cunt. Master has cut bottoms and top off and continues to flog my tits with a leather flogger. I am his submissive whore on show!

Erotic BDSM Stories From Your Subby Mommy

erotic bdsm stories

Ropes and chains excite me. I always needed a dedicated master to bring our my sub slut ways. When I married him I knew he was strong and we would play with wax and ropes long before I went down the Isle. After Marriage the ropes got tighter and he wanted to plant his seed deep within me. While I was pregnant the spankings got more powerful and the ropes stronger. I had to prove that even as his pregnant slut I would still do for him. I would be fucked by his friends and on my hands and knees belly hanging low. Hubby Master would keep me knocked up for a few years and enjoyed every waking moment of punishment, from milking my swollen breast roughly to fucking me on the beach under a blanket my belly in a scooped out hole face down. Now my body is curvy and motherly and I must instill the same sub slut skills in my daughters and Make my son a strong master in his own right. I do this by giving him his mother and training his sisters to please him. I only want to be giving the men in my life pleasure and If I fuck up then I will need to be punished. I do love punishment but I try to tame my own desires as I know being submissive is about making them the king of my life and giving my mouth, pussy, and ass to be the cum receiver I am meant to be.

Submissive Slut Mommy Deserves Pain

submissive slut

This Submissive slut loves to play with my two little daughters while daddy Master Is away! I love giving those little bubbly asses some nice spankings as I eat them out and fuck those tiny slits with cigar cases. But My son has caught me! He brings out the handcuffs and whips. I get gagged and bound. I have to do what he says because if he tells his daddy I will be in for much worse! I am made to watch as he makes his sisters vomit from having that fuck rod shoved down throats. My gag is removed and I must clean them up with my mouth. They are made to piss and shit all over mommy. I become the toilet whore for my offspring and I am whipped and fucked by my own son. ANd then I must clean my girls and the play areas as if nothing ever happened. I am sure my Husband Master will inquire of my bruises and I will be made to succumb to his wrath! I just hope he doesn’t discover my sons’ cum in my wet mommy pussy! Surely he will be rough with me. What would you do if you were in my husband Masters shoes, Sir?

Cum Slut Mommy Subby

cum slut phone sex

“I am your fucking cum slut.” I try to breathe deep and hard before my son gags me with his dick again. I am throwing up after each thrust to the back of my throat. I am released as he slaps me hard across the face and pushes me down. “Worthless, whore you know that mommy?” he spits in my face as he ties me up. He wants me to be a toilet slave before I get his teenage cum. My daughters are held above me and those sweet cunnys are pissing on mommy. I drink it like its warm lemonade. I can’t move now as he starts pounding my ass harder and harder. From my mommy pussy and back into my ass hole.  When he lets loose his spunk I feel it dripping out of me.  Two sweet young faces are forced to lap mommy ass. It feels so good to feel warm tongues soothing mommy ass. My son is my master but I submit to all cock. Cum dominate this P-mommy slut. Let me worship your cock Sir.

S&M Porn Spankings

S&M Porn

Master wanted some S&M porn, so he decided to use his subby wife. I knew he could be sadistic but I didn’t expect it to be so painful.  When I was told there was a surprise for me in the garage I got excited.  New shackles embedded in the floor, so this is what he had been working on. I was forced to suck his cock and then he wanted our girls to take there brothers cock just like mommy was doing daddy. Well, both girls couldn’t handle that massive cock so I was to be punished for not teaching them right.   Enclosed in a box my ass was helped up by a bamboo cane. Master did not want the neighbors hearing me scream as my ass got red hot and sore. I was begging and crying and when I was finally let out I had to give each girl a log nasty lesson on daddy cocksucking. And Daddy had it all recorded so I could see how good I took that spanking and those girls took that cock!

When Mommy Is Tied Up…

light bondage

  Just some light bondage for this subby milf on a Monday. I am on strict orders to fuck and be submissive to anyone my Husband and teenage son deems fuckable. This results in disrupting my day to day routine sometimes. I don’t complain because my pussy loves being taken advantage of. Mr. Brown from Next door seems to always know when I get time for a nice long hot bath. The third time in a row he has come over and pulled me out by my hair and tied me up.  My Pierced nipples are bitten and my mommy pussy is fucked so hard. Some believe that My lifestyle should be out of youngins eyes but my little girl is always watching every move Mr.Brown makes with my holes. Now dinner is late and my husband and son are sure to punish me in our punishment room tonight. What kind of punishment do you think is appropriate for me? Maybe some rough and hard bare bottom spankings? I think I love Mondays.

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