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Slutty Submissive Nurse Robyn

female bondage

I was put in female bondage while being nursemaid to your father. My skirt was hemmed 3 inches higher and my tits on full display per your request. I was demanded to give him a full body sponge bath. He didn’t seem as weak as you said when I gave him a sponge bath. When the soaped up sponge washed his large cock it grew hard and stood completely erect. I hear him whisper suck it. I didn’t believe my ears. I leaned closer and your father pushed my head down and with strength, I hadn’t known forced me to suck his old man cock. I was gagging as you came in and was bobbing on his cock. You pulled me by my hair and both of you restrained me and gagged me and handcuffed me to his bed. I was whipped and degraded for being a naughty nurse. But when you spread my pussy lips I was dripping from cumming on myself. You made me take that nice big old man cock as you bit my tits and pinched my clit. It was a setup to demean and punish this submissive whore all along. 

Milf Subslut Humiliation

milf phone sex

This MilF Subslut got her ass spanked and humiliated last night. All I wanted was to go out with the girls. But Master and My son decided to catch me at the door and pull me back into the house. My face was slapped and my favorite paddle was used to spank me over and over. My son spat in my face as they took pictures of me to send to the PTA moms. I was going nowhere and I would forever know that My bare pussy and tits were all over the town. Of course, they made it look like I was sending a dirty sext to my boyfriend. This cum loving whore has been subjected to cum all day because of my naughty ways. I am now controlled by my naughty perverted demons and two Masters. My Pussy Is dripping in anticipation of what a Master like you can do to my sex slave subby slut self. 

Masters New Roleplay Fetish

erotic BDSM stories

Master held me by the face and threw me an FBI outfit.  He demanded I make the roleplay believable. I was given no direction. After I was dressed he dropped me off three miles from home. This whore had the whole slutty tight outfit but no shoes. My tits were heaving and my body was shaking as I read the note on the back door. “Whore, there are three clues hidden to your pleasure or demise, choose wisely fucktoy!’

My pussy wet as I broke in and began to search. The first clue was a bejeweled but plug. I looked around and pulled my pants down and inserted it to my perfect wanting asshole. I went to our room and hanging in my cage was a gag. I took it and put it on. All of a sudden my master stood over me and had his binding rope in his hands. Good submissive slut, as he tied me and pushed my gag to the side and shoved his cock down my throat.  Hot spunk went down my throat as he said we would do it again until I got it right. What could he possibly want from me? 

Bondage Thank You Sir!

bondage and submission

I love when my master does his intricate bondage on this submissive slut. I mean look at this cut and sexy bondage rope. I am in complete immobility. My tits are out so he can spank them as he loves. Spank them and I will ask for another. My ball gag serves as a way to keep my screams from echoing in our house. My ass is red with his spanks. I love being his subby slut. I love getting abused and used. Please squirt your cum on me, Master. I want to be covered in sticky sweet sperm.  I will do anything to please and I love being a naughty whore. I get tied up because I love being his subby nasty little whore.

Bukkake Phone Sex Subby

bukkake phone sex

I became the bukkake phone sex whore this morning. The Husband / Master of my life pulled me out of the tub and sapped my face. He had contacted The Trucker Shawn I had been whoring my ass out with for a year. He grabbed my nipples and pinched them hard. Slut I am going to make you pay now. Shawn came around the corner with my phone cord and tied my legs and feet up. my panties off the floor became my gag. They both took those long sausages out of their pants and crisscrossed hot golden piss on my whole body and face. I was no longer clean. I was a dirty, dirty whore. They said they had a surprise for me as they grabbed my hair and feet and pulled me to the kitchen floor. Three more big men were waiting with dicks out for me. I was untied and them my leash and choke chain put in place. I was now nothing more than a gangbang phone sex bondage freak. If I didn’t suck cock deep or fast enough I was choked out by Husband. My ass and pussy became tenderized by dick going in and out over and over. I was trying my best to be the best wife slave but I couldn’t keep up. I knew that year of just being a lot lizard made me soft. Soon streams and streams of hot cum covered my whole slutty body. And then I discovered that these men could get hard and cum again and again. My god I was a creamy spunky mess! In my hair all over my milf tits. I was “Cleaned” with piss afterwards. These fucking hot men who had just degraded me sat down to drink beers and use me as a footstool and wouldn’t let me clean the cum off till it dried. I wonder if I am a good enough submissive whore? 


Cum Slut Submissive

cum slut phone sex

You had me at bondage. This submissive whore got to the house and you had the rope in your hand with an evil grin. Your dick was hard through your pants. I was made to drop the groceries and I was bound and gagged tightly. Seems as if I wasn’t performing to my masters needs very well. You had a work friend over and he bent down and moved my panties to the side. He agreed I had a nice snatch. And as I was still hogtied on my side he got down and began to finger fuck me.  Master and his buddy stripped me and had me get on the bed and roped my feet and ankles behind me. I was being doused with whipped cream and chocolate sauce for a whore sundae they said. They took turns shoving hard throbbing cocks down my throat as my head hung off the side of the bed. Oh, these men started shooting cum loads all over me. I was a sticky bound cock loving cum slut. It was so nice that I was able to be a dirty stick subby whore for them. I was made to eat every drop of cum and food off my own body. it would have been more fun with a second whore. Don’t you agree?


Piss and Cage Play

golden showers phone sex

Master Decided I was a bad whore. He said it was time for the cage. I begged and begged no! But I was bound and unable to move at all in the cage. He said I was supposed to be obedient and not beg him. But I know my begging is what he loves. Please please as he unbuttoned his fly. I knew that he was going to piss on me. He said open your whore mouth! I did as I was told and gurgled and swallowed is huge piss load. I am a good whore and I love being at his command. I tried to wiggle free when he left me all alone in a dark room. I heard footsteps and was met with the warm wet stream of piss again. All night I sat in piss in my cage. I cried and whimpered when he let me out in the morning. He said get cleaned up and I will gift you a hefty load of spunk for your breakfast whore! All I would eat that day would be his cum. I live for being his whore.

Sexy Bondage S&M Package

bondage s&m

My Dom Told Me No! All This Slutty S&M Bondage whore wanted was to buy new shackles. I put on my white slut dress he loves and petitioned on my Knees Like a good Subby whore. He said My Old shackles worked fine! I pouted and Pleaded to no avail. Instead, he put my old ones on even though they chaffed and cut into me. I have been in and out of this Masters Life and I want to keep him pleased so I submitted as he had me bound and thrust his cock deep in my throat. He came in my mouth and then put my favorite ball gag in my mouth. I was slapped three times and then my dress hiked up and my new panties cut off. My ass was used to get his cock hard as he called me a stupid whore and ran his cock up and down my ass crack spitting on my backside. His belt came off and I was whipped with the very end on my pussy lips until he said they were pink and swollen enough for him to fuck me. He was violent and I was cumming hard as he pulled out and jerked my head up by my hair to cum on my face. Then He left me right here begging around my gag to be released. What would you do If you found me bound and covered with cum after a good lashing and fucking? 

Your Sweet Submissive Whore Back For More

submissive whore

Yes, Its True Your Sweet and Submissive whore is back for more! After a year of traveling with my trucker Dom Daddy I found that I had been away from my big dicked dominate callers for far tooo long! Don’t get me wrong I very much enjoyed being whored out at every truck stop we came to and made my Dom Daddy quite a pretty penny. But like you Know my Sir, there is more to the submissive life than being a truck stop whore. Yes, My holes were gapped open and I was full of cum on a regular basis. But do you want to know what I missed most of all, Sir? 

You Guessed it! Bare Bottom Spankings from you. Those spankings that cleanse my soul from each hit. Those hard paddle hits that make my ball gag needed! ANother and another sir, Please I am begging you to put me in my place among the whores that you dominate! Your paddle has my name on it and I want to wear that brand proudly. My ass red for hours not being able to sit on my ass and my heels stinging my ass as I gulp your Big Dom Daddy Dick. I have learned that unless under the command of someone like you then my talents will become useless. I deserve to be spanked choked out and whipped for being away so long. I know I am worthless without a strong Sir to use and abuse me. I wear my bag gag proudly and my ass is so sweet and round in the air for you …Master. Women deserve to be spanked often I want to be the one who fetches my paddle and sit at your feet until you notice me. Pet my head like a mutt and point to the spanking chair, I happily bow down and take my punishment! Are you the one my sweet wet pussy has been longing for? Are You Dominate Enough? 

BDSM Gang Rape Fantasy

I am such a naughty little slut. I invited a few guys to come over to my home last night for a few drinks. When they showed up they had a couple of friends with them, so it was five of them and just one of me. I cannot say that I did not like the attention. However when things turned a little more sexual I was interested in one of the guys. I ended up being fucked by all five though. They bound me with stuff in my own home, took me to my bedroom and then took turns fantasy raping all of my holes.

Submissive whore

At one point I even had one of those cocks in my mouth, one in my asshole under me and one fucking my cunt thrusting while standing between my legs.  The two extra men stood by and video taped it while telling me what a whore I was and how I liked it. They used me and tore all of my holes open wile switching positions wit h each other from time to time. I cannot lie, it was exhausting but I came hard, so fucking hard… multiple times.

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