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Mommy has an ass that is so fucking gap-able. My Husband is my master and he has taught my teen son to abuse my ass! I am a milf phone sex slave to my men. I am supposed to submit to any and all men who want me!

Today it started with 3 golf balls shoved in my ass, so I could go grocery shopping. I opened my purse and there was a note from my husband and five more golf balls to be shoved up my ass randomly as I shopped. I did as I was told and every few minutes I reached under my skirt and shoved another up my ass. It was very uncomfortable but I thought that would be the end of it.

I got home and was putting the groceries away when my little girl took my phone and said daddy wants me to film you pushing out golf balls so you can send it to him at work! The note on the refrigerator said to put my fishnets and red lipstick as I did it. So I dressed and had my little fuckdoll film me as I pushed 8 golf balls out into her little hand. I sent the video just as my son came home and saw my ass exposed. He picked up his sister and made her fist my ass with her arm before he shoved his cock in my mouth and used a flyswatter to beat my ass cheeks. Just a day in the life of a mommy submissive slut!


submissive slut

Take Control Of Mommies Body!

milf phone sex robyn

Mommy Robyn is your personal milf whore. I am at your command. You love giving my ass nice paddles. It makes mommy so wet for you. You began by watching daddy force me into bondage and make me sell my pussy for extra money. It wasn’t long before you knew that that teen cock was just what mommy needed. I was being sent out to fuck some rich man for the escort service and you stopped me. You pulled me down to the floor by my hair and took my favorite paddle and began beating my ass. You called me a trashy hooker and that I should be staying here with you and your sisters like a good mom. I was crying and begging you to stop. But you got that look in your eyes and got on top of me and tore my shorts off. You were forcing yourself inside mommies pussy taking what you wanted. My cries woke the girls and they watched as you violently came inside me!  Your cock was down my throat next to get you hard and eat your cum! I belong to my son now and will do whatever nasty things he wants this P-mommy to do!


The Slave Training Of Mommy

slave training

I began slave training in a new masters dungeon. There were so many other slaves bound and on knees with dildos and collars on. I could hear screams of pain. I was put on a wall impaled on a golden dick. Whips were lashed at my thighs and pussy and I was forced to do some freaky cum goggling from the local farm. My only escape was a big-dicked fire captain that told me if my daughters would be his slaves that he would turn me loose from this slave dungeon from hell. I offered him booth girls in exchange for my freedom. Little did I know that my ass would be prolapsed and my tits milked dry for him every evening after my sexy firefighter was done putting out fires. I don’t mind though I will be his slave until the end of time with a dick like his that fucks me raw. He put fake tits on my daughters and turned us all into his coke whores to serve his big daddy fireman cock!

The Humiliation and Torture Of This Mommy

submissive sex

It was the humiliation and torture submissive sex I had been needing. I know I am a dirty and nasty P-mommy whore. I love being used right in front of my littles and after everyone leaves, I seek comfort in tight little bodies. Soft sweet girls that need mommy to lick and fuck them. Only my son knows I should never have pleasure and when my husband got home he told all! I was made to undergo a medical exam and check all my holes for cum. The boot knifes my husband kept for hunting was used to fuck me. I couldn’t move and I was so sacred. I would be sliced to pieces if I moved an inch. I was crying and begging him to stop but he said it was my punishment. When he decided I had enough he pissed in me and I was in pain as the tiny cuts in my pussy began to sting. I was curled on the floor begging to just die. I must be more careful in my subby milf phone sex whore ways!

Subby Cum SLut P-mommy

cum slut phone sex

My Brats know that I am a cum slut. My daughters sit on those hands and watch mommy becoming a cum slut.  Mommy is the piss and cum slut that they will soon be! My Husband and teen son control all of my sexual experiences! Tonight I have been dressed up as a sexy maid and tied so tight my wrist is going to bleed. Twenty men are invited in and my daughters are in panties and made to watch as mommy is BDSM Bukkake slut she is! I am sucking cock and being impaled. I am ravaged and become a spit roast sub twirling on cock for the pleasure of my Husband who is my ultimate master!  Cum and make the nasty p-mommy slut I am supposed to be.


Bondage Whore Working The Streets

bondage whore

This Bondage whore Jerry Zeiger was right. I needed to be properly turned out to be anywhere close to the submissive worthless whore I should be. He made me tell my husband that I wanted to be a call girl. I wanted to be at a strangers mercy, to be fucked and degraded like never before. As I write this I and my youngest have been on call at a massage parlor for 24 hours now. Our real names are on the board for men to come and choose from. I can hear fireworks and smell bar-b-q. We are only allowed cum and piss to drink. And most of the time the cum and piss aren’t directly fed to us. We have to lick it off each other’s bodies. Bodies that have been bound, whipped and stretched holes so sore. This is what I deserve and I know my place is to serve with my body and my offsprings body!

Rough Sex Deserving Milf

milf phone sex

These are my favorite bondage pictures because I had just found out I was pregnant with my youngest girl. My husband had caught me fucking my ex David and decided I needed some punishment. I was slapped so hard my mouth bleed. My towel didn’t hide my pregnant tummy and My Husband was questioning whos spawn was in my belly. He beat me senseless even dragging me out to hit my clit on the corner of a box. I swear I couldn’t cum for days after my clit was abused. But my tits grew full and my husband decided to whore me out the whole nine months I was pregnant with this last one. I know a lot of men who need a knocked up submissive milf whore.  Come abuse and tie up this p-mommy submissive slut. 

Formicophilia and A Submissive Slut

submissive slut

This submissive slut had a run-in with Formicophilia. My new master loved to smear honey on his cock and let ants run across his dick and bite it. Even more so he loved to make me sit in a pile of ants and make my pussy swollen with the ant bites. It was at first just my whore ass smearing Honey on his cock and letting ants crawl on him. When Masters cock got hard they would bite him a little. Then I would suck the honey off and he would fuck me until his swollen bitten cock came inside of me. Then it was fucking me with the ants still on him. ANd now I am tied up and the ants are crawling eating the honey and bitting me. I cry out in pain but that makes Masters dick harder. Please, I beg I can’t take this. ANd master flips me over and fucks my asshole raw. He says he likes how the ants crawl on his balls. and when he is ass fucking me they bute his swinging ball sack. Now master cums inside of me with his painful fetish pleased. Now I am a Formicophilia subslut!

My Own Submissive Whore Jerry!

submissive whore

That’s Right your favorite rope bunny has her own submissive whore. Jerry Zeiger from Philly has a pathetic piece of sensitive meat between his legs instead of a cock. I so enjoy having someone so submissive under my powers. But who better than a true BDSM sub slut to know how to torture a tiny sensitive lump of flesh that I will never let cum! Jerry doesn’t get to cum or even hear me cum to his submissive tales. The more he tells me about his cock and ball torture tales, the wetter my pussy gets. I love sharing my own submissive tales as I tell him he doesn’t hear me cum. It wouldn’t be as much fun as I cum sometimes right in front I might be an incubator submissive but I love a nice set of balls tied up. LIke Jerry Zeiger from P.A, tied and abused dick and balls. Here he on displayed in public for the world. I love using and abusing my very own BDSM chat subslut. Jerry has a Mistress who demands he calls me and that I am allowed to treat him like a piece of shit.  I told my Husband Master that Jerry likes me to get Dom training to be able to humiliate by my hands. My husband laughed at me and said how can a fucking man be even more submissive than you.  Interested about the sadistic way I get to treat Poor tiny abused dick Jerry, my husband now loves to sit in and listen to our calls. I love laying back and playing with my pussy while Jerry lets me cum right under his nose or while he’s muted. Jerry doesn’t deserve to ever cum again.  I found a submissive slut so sub that he will pay me to have his cock destroyed. BSDM CHAT

Spank This P-Mommy Worthless Whore

spanking phone sex

I am a p-mommy whore. I am regularly beating and have peeled ginger stuck up my ass. The pain is relentless. Your rope collection is impressive. What’s even more impressive is how hard you spank me as I am tied up for my daily indiscretions. I love playing dress up with my youngest girls and making them perform blow jobs on my dildos and then I spank them and eat those cunnys. I need P-mommy love like a fish needs water. I am always caught and strung up, tied up and my ass beat until I can’t breathe. I think the most humiliating is when my teen son dominates me. He just wants to spank my ass and piss down my and his little sisters’ throats. I mean he dominates but he is not skilled as a master should be and still my daughters and I must submit to him, or else BIG D will make my life even more miserable! 

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