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Bondage and submission I will get with my master

Part of being a subby bitch is being used to Bondage and submission. My master likes to take out his favorite rope and tease me with it. “Bitch I want you to submit to me” he says as he ties it around my neck. After he pulls on it and starts to choke me. I start seeing stars and he laughs. “Submit and say you are my bitch to use” he demands of me. “I am your property master; I submit to you in any way” I say just like he asked.

Bondage and submission

Then he pulls by my neck on to his lap. With the same rope he had around my neck, he spanked my bare ass. After a few spankings my ass started getting red and welted. “Come on bitch, beg for more” he keeps asking of me. “More master, please” I beg as he smacks my ass over and over. “Open up your worthless mouth slut” he laughs as he pulls his dick out. Therefore, I open my mouth wide. It doesn’t take him long to start abusing my mouth.

Being a worthless bitch and getting used by my master makes my life worthwhile. As he fucked my mouth, he pulled the rope tied around my neck. It made me lightheaded and as I started passing out. Finally, his balls tightened up and as I passed out he said “eat my load bitch, don’t waste any of my nectar. Therefore, it woke me up and I swallowed every last drop of his semen. “Thank you master,” I said as he pulled his cock out. “Get back in your cage my Submissive Whore” is what he laughed and said as he put me in my cage.

Erotic submissive stories are fun to make with a subby bitch

Some Erotic submissive stories tell about how bitches are given away for Christmas. My master has given me such training that I know I belong to him and I’m at his mercy. My job is to be anything he wants me to be. Even sometimes a Christmas gift for his buddies. First, he started by tying me up. The ropes rubbed my skin if I moved so I made sure not to.

Second, he got me into a box. After a while I heard voices coming from outside the box. After some shuffling and ripping noises, the box was opened. “You gave me your whore as a gift” my master’s friend says to him with laughter. “I have trained her well and she will do as you want for the weekend” my master responds with a smirk. Then I am pulled by my leash into his car and taken to his friend’s dungeon.

Erotic submissive stories

There he bent me over his knees by pulling on my rope and started to spank me. “Tell me you want to drain my balls” he demands me to say. “Please sir let me drain your balls, I want to” I beg him. Therefore, he pulled his cock out and shoved it down my throat. First it was so far down I almost threw up. But I wanted to be a good gift, so I tried my hardest not to.

“Good job whore, you have been trained well” he says, encouraging me to keep going. Of course, I didn’t want to let my master down, so I didn’t stop until I felt him tighten up. Finally, his balls started pumping thick creamy semen into my mouth. He hung me up by the rope I was tied up in. “Stay there until I am ready to use you again” he said with a smirk. “YES SIR!” I replied obediently.  

Bondage whore needs to please master

Bondage whore just wants to please her master. That is why I don’t complain when he ties me up hard and tight. After all the rope rubbing against my skin causes burns, I just keep quiet or thank my master for taking the time to tie me up. “You are my property and I get to use you as I please” he says with a smile. “Yes, master I am yours to use however you want” I respond as you start using your whip all over my body.

First thing you like to do when you get home from work is to whip your subby slut. I am what you use to get your frustrations out. “Open your mouth slut I need to be drained” you demand of me. Therefore, like a good whore I opened my mouth wide, and my master shoved his hard master cock meat down my throat. Since I was tied up, I couldn’t move, but that is what my master wants. Because I won’t be able to move in anyway and just be there like a fuck toy to use as he pleases.

“I had a long day so put your Slave training to good use and milk my cock slut” my master says proudly. That’s because he has trained me very well and I submit just like he needs. Any task he asks of me I do, and it doesn’t matter how humiliating it is. I do anything for my master. Since he said that, I started sucking his cock even harder and much deeper down my throat.

Bondage whore

I pictured him fucking my pussy hole. That made me suck his cock like I was using my cunt to milk his hard cock. Finally, my masters’ balls tightened up, “Eat all my cum bitch don’t waste any of my special nectar”. Therefore, I swallowed his load like I was starving, making sure to not waste any of his thick gooey nut.

Bondage whore gets pulled out her cage to be used

Most of the time I only and brought of my cage to be used. “Come on out, tonight you will show me how good of a Bondage whore you are”. Therefore, I crawl out my cage and kiss my masters’ feet. “Thank you master you are so much superior. I feel lucky to be your pet”. First you pull your favorite rope out. Then you start tying my hands behind my back and onto my feet. “You look better tied up” my master laughs at be before pulling out his paddle.

Bondage whore

“I had a long day at work, and you are going to be the bitch I take it out on”. Then paddle hits my bare ass, and it is like a wake-up reminder of what my place in the world is. “Thank you master for using me, I’ll do anything for you” I moan out every time the paddle hits my ass. After a while I could feel my skin burning from the hits I was getting. I’m sure it was already welted. “Open your mouth whore” he demands of me,bzw and I always do as my master asks.

Then his cock went down my throat, “milk me show me you aren’t all worthless”. That is all I needed to hear. I sucked his cock like I was starving. Finally, I was worth something to my master. I was earning my place. “Eat every drop slut!” He moans out as his balls tight up. I had not eaten in days. Therefore, I swallowed his semen like it would be my last meal. “You earned your keep, for now” my master said as he pulled his drained cock out my mouth.

Prostate milking is what caged bitch needs to do

When you are a pathetic slut like me you are used for Prostate milking by your owner anytime, they need. “Get out of your cage I need you to show me your mouth isn’t worthless”. After I crawl out my cage you right away bend me over your lap. “Spread your legs for me slut”. Then your hand smacks down on my bald cunt. The pain gives me shivers from my pussy up my body. One spank to my cunt after the other gave me pain and made my cunt wet.

Just to have my master touch my cunt makes me melt. After my cunt is red and swollen you stop and now your cock is hard poking through your pants. “Thank you master, I want to show you how grateful I am”. Therefore, you stand up and you take your pants off. As I see your cock spring out of your pants, my mouth starts to water. “Suck my cock Submissive Whore, you will feed off me tonight”. As soon as I heard that my pussy twitched, and I sucked your cock into my mouth.

Prostate milking

After you feel your dick in my mouth, you grab my hair and pound my throat hard. “Eat my cock slut, I don’t care if you can’t breathe”. That is exactly what happened, I felt my body passing out. But that is when you pull your cock out and I take a deep breath. “Lick my asshole” you say as you lift your balls up. I dove into your ass with my tongue and wiggled hard. “Milk my dick bitch”.

“Make it worth me keeping you as my pet” you say while stroking your cock on my forehead. Your hands grip me by my hair and shove my head deeper into your asshole. “That’s it bitch, eat me like you are hungry” is all I hear as my tongue vibrates inside your ass. Finally, your balls tighten up and your semen starts spraying all over my face. “Thank you master” is all i can say.

Bondage whore gets big load of semen in her belly

Being a Bondage whore teaches you to be used to the rope burning you or being in one position for long periods of time without moving. First my master ties my hands and feet together. Then my master pisses all over me, giving me his golden watery nectar. “Thank you master for blessing me and making me stinky with your golden shower” I say as his stream sprays me all over. After I am dried up and smelly, master picks me up by my bandaged wrists and bends me over his knee.

Then his hand smacks my bare ass over and over. As he gives me my well-deserved spankings. I can feel his cock starting to rise and poke at my tits. “Master may I feed on your cock?” I ask hoping he would stuff his dick down my throat. “You’re a hungry bitch, aren’t you?” He asks. As soon as he says that I nod my head eagerly. “Since I haven’t fed you in a bit, I will make sure your belly is full”.

Bondage whore

Hearing that excites me so much my cunt started to moisten. Even more than how wet it gets from the Bare bottom spankings he gives me. He pushed me down on the ground and I opened my mouth to welcome his cock in my mouth.  Therefore, he grabbed me by the hair and shoved his cock deep in my throat. He fucks my throat like he does any of mu holes, hard and fast. Finally, I feel his balls tighten up and he says, “eat my thick cum bitch and don’t waste any of it. Just like he asked I do, and I eat all his cum.

Slave training gives me a mouth full

My Slave training consists of being tied up for hours at a time. Since i am a worthless dick feen he teases me when he spanks me by rubbing his cock all over my face. I can’t help but open my slut mouth. After my master slaps me he says “you hungry bitch you are barely worthy of my dick” “yes master you are right” i responded. After that he pulls his favorite paddle out. That tells me I am about to get my bare bottom beat until I submit to his every whim.

Slave training

“You will take my spankings until you are welted and sore” is all he said as I got my first paddle. After a few my legs were shaky, “look you are pathetic you cant even take my paddle” he says as he continues to paddle me hard. “Keep going master i can take, i will make you proud”. That made you hard and excited and you went in harder on my ass.

Then you stuffed your cock down my throat making me choke. The hard paddling to my bare ass and your cock down my throat had my cunty dripping. Finally I felt your balls tighten up as your paddle hit my ass. I even felt the swelling of my ass cheeks as I started swallowing your thick load. “Good job Submissive Whore you drank all my nut” you said as you walked away leaving me tied up in bondage.

Bare bottom spankings from my master make me tremble

Bare bottom spankings from my master makes my cunt tickle so much. First my master teases me by spanking my pussy. His hands as it smacks my cunt feels so good, even if it swells it up. “That’s it you worthless whore, you love the punishment” he laughs at me while saying such true words. “I am your worthless bitch master,” I respond. Then my master moves to my ass with his favorite paddle. After my master hits my ass, I must beg for more.

Bare bottom spankings

“Please master, give me more” I beg as he continues to beat my bare ass. “More master i want you to give me all you have, make me worthy”. Hearing that makes you very happy and your cock very hard. “Suck my cock you subby whore” you say as you force your dick down my throat. Even when I choke you just continue to spank me hard. The more I choke the harder you spank me.

I could even feel my ass starting to welt up. If you draw blood, I know that will make you bust in my mouth. That is why you spank me harder with every pump down my throat. Finally I feel the blood starting to drip from my ass cheeks and I knew soon you would be filling my throat up with semen. “Eat it all you Submissive Whore” hearing him say that encouraged me to eat every single drop.

Prostate milking from worthless whore

Being a Prostate milking whore for my master is normally very easy. But last night it was hard on my mouth since had beat my mouth with his cock really hard. My whole body was sore from his abuse. I got paddled and whipped, which had my skin red and welted. First my master wants me to know my body belongs to him and he can do whatever he wants to me. Then you pulled your cock out and I got excited.

Prostate milking

“Get to work bitch, suck my cock” you grabbed my head and i fuck my throat so hard. I even had tears coming down my face from the hate fuck my mouth was getting. “It doesn’t matter if you can’t breathe, worship my cock slut” That is what i needed to try and please my master. Therefore i started sucking his cock like it was my last meal. From time to time he would smack my face and mouth with his hard meat. After a while my mouth was getting numb, I even bit my tongue a few times.

By the time he was going to cum he stopped and spread his ass on my face. Since my tongue was hurting and bloody from me biting it, I almost cried as I had to push it into my master’s ass. As a worthless slut I know I have to please him in any way he needs. My master started fucking my mouth with his ass hard almost like he was punching my mouth with his ass. Finally he started moaning hard and I knew he was close to bursting. As my master turned around his thick gooey nut started to spray my face. “Good job whore you aren’t all that useless” is all I could hear as my face dripped with semen. 

Bondage whore gets surprise feeding

Sometimes I think I could be more than a Bondage whore. But then my master reminds me of my place in the world. I am just a worthless whore and should be happy to have my master use me. First mistake I made was requesting some food. My master likes to keep me thin and small. Because it is easy for him to tie me up and have me danglin in the air. After he slapped me in my face all he said was, “you want to eat bitch, I’ll feed you”.

Bondage whore

Then you pull your cock out and shove it down my throat. You laugh like a hyena as I choke on your hard cock. When I have tears flowing down my face you pop your cock out and start tying me up. First you start by tying my hands behind my back real tight. After that my feet were tied, but this time you left me on my knees. The night was going to be a good night because you bent over in front of me. That is because I knew it was going to be Prostate milking all night.

“Eat my ass, you hungry slut” my master commanded me. I wiggle my tongue on my master asshole hoping I was doing it well enough. But I wasn’t so he grabs my hair and fucks my mouth with his ass so hard i bit my tongue. After blood was leaking all over my master still fucked my mouth with your ass. When you were about to cum, you turned around and as you choked me you sprayed my mouth with your nut. “Now you ate and won’t be hungry anymore, right slut?”