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Spankings All Night

Bare bottom spankings I haven’t even be able to sit down most of today, every time I do it hurts. Last night Master had gotten home from a night out with his friends. They were playing cards and it seemed he had last quite a bit. He was frustrated, I know how much he hates to lose and I especially know how angry it makes him. He of course find a way to make his bad night my fault, it was because I was behind in my chores when he left that threw him off. So Master took me into the room and stripped me down. He bent me over the bed and began to spank me hard and repeatedly. I could feel my ass cheeks feel warmer and sting more each time he spanked them. He did this for quite a while until finally I heard him take off his pants. He then gave my ass another round of very hard and rough slaps. Then without warning he forced his cock into my ass, fucking it deep into my ass. He continued with his punishment of me until he finally blew his load in my ass.

Impress Or Suffer

Submissive phone sexMaster told me he was having some friends over who have much better whores then myself. He said he demanded my best performance or I would suffer he wraith. He just can’t bare the humiliation of having a worthless slave like me. I was to wear nothing and answer the door all of his friends were to be addressed as Master too. I made the mistake of forget to say “Yes Master” when one asked for a drink and I felt his leather whip hit my back over and over again until I corrected my mistake. Later in the evening Master’s friends wanted to see how well behaved I was. He snap his finger and I was down at his feet. He took out his cock and told me to open my mouth while he pissed right into it. His friends applauded at my embarrassment. He then spanked my ass to get me to raise it into the air. He shoved two fingers deep into my ass and got as much shit on it he could get. He then smear it all over my mouth and into it while they all laughed at me. He then kicked me down and ordered me into my cage, without allowing me to clean up.


Torture phone sex

I went to Master’s house as planned and the house was dark. I was afraid that my stupid cunt self had misheard and had been mistaken. Master will be so angry I’m not allowed to soil his home without his permission. I started to leave quickly hoping maybe it would go unnoticed to avoid his wrath but that’s when I noticed a faint light coming from the bedroom. I walk towards it, I peeked in and saw Master standing at the window. The room was lit with candles and on the bed as pair of black latex panties. I entered I knew he sensed me but he did not turn around, I undressed and put on what he had left for me. “Lay down” he said in a low voice. I did as I was told my heart beating fast, unsure if I had angered him somehow. He very turned around he removed his shirt and stood before me leaving his pants on. He ran his  hands over my legs and up to my pussy rubbing over the panties he left for me and he smiled. “Good girl” I could see the bulge in his pants I was so happy to be praised. He turned and I did not see what he grabbed. He then proceeded to squeeze my tits and teasing the nipples to get them hard. It felt good I didn’t want him to stop, a part of me really enjoyed this more kind sensual side of him. I closed my eyes and then I heard it. The sound of a lighter, I opened my eyes to start seeing him bring the open flame close to my left nipple. It’s started to burn and I screamed. He reached his hand up and covered my mouth, taunting me with the fire. My eyes watered as I felt myself being burned. I cried and felt stinging he began to shout at me. Calling me trash that’s meant to be burned, that I would be a waste of space in a landfill. He had his cock out now as he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me off the bed. He yanked my hair and pulled me onto my knees his cock ramming directly into the back of my throat, while he thrust back and forth. He grabbed a candle nears us and head it above my head as I choked on his cock I felt wax falling and burning my cheek and tits. He cock erupted in my mouth as I started shrieked. He pulled out to allow me to swallow and breath again. He told me to get dressed and leave his sight. He said a whore like me can stay dirty until I made it back to my hole. I felt so unworthy of his time.

Chilly Submission

Submissive WhoreIt was very hot today, a comment I made to my master when I arrived as scheduled. He nodded and told me to not speak unless directed. He lead me to the living room and had me strip down and lay on the floor. He put my hands above my head and tied them tightly together then moved down to my ankles. He left the room and I felt it growing colder as if he had turned down the temperature. I laid there waiting for a while when he finally came back he had a metal bucket he sat down near my head. He said he was going to make sure I never complained about the heat again. He reached into the bucket and pulling out a chunk of ice and begin to rub it around my neck the sudden cold made me gasp. He took it away and moved down to my breast and rub the rough edges of the ice chunk against my nipples it hurt enough to make me whimper a little, he moved down and set the chunk of ice on my belly and instructed it would remain until it melts. He reached until the bucket and pulled out a long icicle and chuckled to himself. He rubbed the tip over my pussy lips making me tremble. He used his finger which in comparison felt hot like fire as he parted my pussy. He slowly inserted the icicle into my cunt, I couldn’t control my body arching upwards from the sensations of being fucked by something so cold. He went faster and faster, as it melted slowly he would lean down and lick some of the water leaking from my cunt. When it completely melted he took off his pants, while I shivered from the cold I felt him enter me slowly. He seemed to be enjoying the cool sensation of my cold but pulsing pussy around his cock.  When he came in me it I felt it a lot more than usually it was hot and powerful I never wanted it to stop. He left me there on floor when he was finished, as the ice on my stomach had not completely melted. I spent the rest of the afternoon shivering, feeling used and dirty before I was released.

Master’s Humiliation

Submissive SlutI arrived and there was a box arranged for me on the table. Inside was a maid outfit and a note that said put on and go upstairs. Obeying my orders I put on and headed up the stairs, when I got to the top I felt a large hand grab the back of my head. He dragged me to the bathroom and throw me until the floor. He pointed to the toilet and lifted up the lid and seat. It was dirty, he explained he hadn’t had it cleaned in months. He demanded I clean it. I nodded and reached for a rag until the sink and he got up and smacked me hard across the face. “No you clean it” he shouted pointing to my mouth. I nodded and crawled over on my hands and knees to the toilet, my face burning from his slap. I began to lick my tongue around the ridge of the toilet, lapping up the old dry piss and hair stuck to it. I spit it out in the bowl and felt a hard hit against my back. He grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my head back. Enraged he said he never gave me permission to spit. He forced pushed my head down into the bowl to drink up what I had spit out, and then allowed me to continue cleaning. It took about a hour using just my tongue to clean up just how he liked. I turned to report I was done and attempted to get off my knees to stand, but he stopped me. Unzipping his pants he put his cock against my lips, I went to start to suck but his smacked me hard again. He screamed at me for thinking it was ok to put my potty mouth around his dick, he called me a stupid disgusting whore. He ordered me to open my mouth and drink. I did so and his pissed right into my mouth as I gulped it fast down my throat. I didn’t want to upset him again so I made sure to drink every drop.

Earning My Collar

Submissive WhoreHe said he was willing to make me his pet. But I had to prove to him I would be deserving, that I would be a loyal and obedient servant. He made me crawl around like a animal for hours fetching things for him. If I was to slow I would get the paddle and if I whimpered I would get the whip. Sometimes I whimpered on purpose cause I could sense how badly he wanted to really punish me. At night he gave me a small cage to get into, he seemed surprise that I did not try to back out at this point. In the morning he dumped food on the floor and made me lick it up like a dog. That afternoon he forced his cock into me ass and filled me with cum like a common bitch. I wasn’t allowed to clean myself. He left for a time that evening and he locked me back up in my cage. When he returned, I was let out and he presented me with a shiny new collar. I felt so proud to have proven myself a good pet. I can only hope to please him more like this every day.

I Need To Be Owned

Submissive WhoreI need a real man to step up to the plate. My cheeks haven’t been made red in weeks, all my bruises are healed. No aches or pains but yet I feel so numb. I don’t want a sweet gentle touch, I need a firm and cruel hand. I’m breakable and want to be broken. I promise I’m a delight to play with and control. I follow all my orders and never complain. I know my place as a submissive whore and it’s one of absolute surrender to your every command. I’m ready for your twisted abuse and torturous games, I crave your dark desires. So here I am served up to you on a silver platter. What are you going to do? Can you take total control? I’m ready to submit.


BDSM phone sex

Every single morning I get up and go for a walk. I love how men stare at me in my tight shorts and my work out bra. I just watch and run by as they look at my long legs and my triple D titties bounce in the air. But no one ever had the balls to do anything to me, not until that day. Don’t get me wrong I secretly wanted someone to just pound my pussy .i wanted to scream and beg for there cum. I wanted dick so bad .which is why I wear the sluttiest work out clothes I can. I was running as I normally do around the park when a man standing by a tree just couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. I thought he was harmless because he looked a little older than people my age but when I jogged by he snatched me up and put a rag up to my nose. And just like that everything went dark. When I woke up my body was weak and his dick was in my face. We were in the middle of the woods.He told me to suck it like a good little slut and for some reason, I didn’t even hesitate .i put his dick right in between my boobs and rubbed it really nice for him. He loved it but then I sucked on the very tip and got really fast and he cumed all over my chest.


submissive whore

I am your filthy slutty whore and I’ll do anything my master tells me to. It turns me on following your commands please master will you own my tight pussy its so fucking wet for you just finally put your big thick dick inside of me. I can’t wait any longer !your so mean to me master but ill do anything you want. You just love making me wait. You love seeing my pussy twitch as you whip me watching me drip cum for you. You can hear my cum splash on the floor.  I bet you can even smell how sweat I taste.  ill be so good for you master please reward me .tie me up and fuck the hell out of me. whip me and abuse me. ill let you go in my ass master you know it hurts when you go in dry but you can’t help but pound my tight little asshole. I fucking love the pain you give me just tell me what you desire ill do it all. I love to give my master pleasure. I love that twisted look on your face when you own my body.

What a Shock

submissive phone sex

I dont know what’s gotten into me but as of late i just cannot seem to stop playing with myself wether i have master’s permission or not. I just have this intense craving and master has caught me a few times touching myself without his consent and he’s punished me but nothing seems to work so he decided to try something new. He installed one of those special mirrors where it looks like an ordinary mirror but if you’re on the other side of it you can see through it like a window . He put in my bedroom and hooked up some sort of shock kit, and at the time i didnt know what it was but he told me everytime i was naughty he would know. Well i went to touch myself tonight and all of the sudden i felt a quick intense jolt, it threw me off for a moment but than i kept going. Again i felt a quick more intense jolt. It happened quite a few times but instead of turning me off it actually turned me on, as the night went on the jolts got more intense and painful, but the more intense and painful they were the more it made me wet. When i finally orgasmed master said he has another plan to try and stop my naughty behavior and he sounded very confident. I’m a little scared but also very excited to see what it is!

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