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Good Feelings

Submissive SexI want to be your sweet submissive sex toy today. I’ll do anything you tell me to, and I don’t understand what “no”, means when it comes to pleasing you, especially when you command me to do it. I’m your submissive slut I’m the one that you can treat like no one else will allow you to manage them. You can say whatever you want to me; I have no taboos whatsoever. I’m here for you my fantasy is to be your concubine my dream is to be your sex slave I lust being weak for you. I live to please you I love the way it makes me feel to make a man feel like a man. I can truly appreciate a man’s man I know what to do, trust me I can handle all of your needs. You don’t ever have to doubt me because I will be here for you. If you have a sexual fantasy to have me, I want it, and I can’t wait. I will be tied up waiting to be strapped down to the bed with my legs wide open. I think we should explore that fantasy to the extream. Let’s see how far we can go before cum is everywhere. I think you should get all of those sexual urges out; I believe that you should allow us to masquerade in the glory of those fantastic fantasies until you and I explode in passionate ecstasy. Remember, you’re my weakness, and I need to be weak for you in every way.

Fuck Me Now Sweet Daddy

Bondage whoreI need you to fuck me like a slut and not a nice slut either. Please kiss me on my pussy and, make my cunt soaking wet. You know what I need in my heart and how I can’t get enough of you. Push your huge cock in my asshole and fuck me as hard as you can, that’s how I like it. I want you to show me just how nasty you can get with me. When you play like you don’t want me that makes me so fucking horny because I love when you play hard-to-get. I can’t wait to hear you say no because it means I’m going to have a great time getting you to submit to my needs. I want to fuck you hard and raw I mean get on top of you and ride your cock like a cowgirl in heat. Whenever I look at you I get horny as fuck I mean your cock is exhausting and I go to sleep feeling beautiful. You’re the man of my dreams, you know that you are too. I love to get fucked in my ass I love to get fucked in my cunt too that’s the girl that I am. I want to be your sex toy I want to be your Playboy bunny.

Fuck you bitch you’re not my boss your husband is


Cum eating phone sex

Mrs. McCartney is a fucking bitch, and she walks around her house like she’s better than everyone. This fucking whore dares to tell me I don’t clean her house thoroughly enough. I listen to the old bat because I need my job And I don’t want to get fired. Her husband, Mr. McCartney is my boss, and I do extra favors for him to make sure I don’t have to deal with her entirely. I’ve been planning for at least seven months now to get Mrs. McCartney out of the picture and be the replacement wife. I thought I was happy being the mistress but I cannot stand the way that woman walks around pretending she’s better than me. If Mrs. McCartney, the fucking stink pussy whore only knew that her husband was fucking me, eating my pussy and eating my ass out like a fucking porn star she would die. What would that old bitch do if she knew that I was better than she could ever be in bed and everywhere else? I look at her sometimes and laugh. I say to myself you are a fucking lucky good-for-nothing bitch. I want to slap her face but like I said I need this job. I usually go into Mr. McCartney’s home office and give him blowjobs. He cums down my throat and turns me into a cum guzzling cum dumpster skank. I like to wear little tiny skirts and little bitty bikini panties. When I get all dressed up it makes Mrs. McCartney so upset she gets so fucking jealous. I don’t care though I’m glad I make that bitch have a bad day I would do it for free if I could. Whenever Mrs. McCartney’s husband’s cock is in my mouth, he tells me she’s a whore. He Twirls his dick head around my lips while I look into his eyes which makes him so fucking horny. Sometimes we even fuck while she’s upstairs he puts his hands over my mouth to keep me from screaming And then he pounds my cunt hard. I am such a slut for Mr. McCartney, and soon we’re going to have his bitch of a wife cleaning my cunt cream off of her sheets. I can’t wait.

Cam-Cam See You Bad Man


Submissive sex

I want to drag him by his tiny little idiot cock until he squeals like a fucking pig. This motherfucker Reginald is the worst human alive, he gets off by dominating women in horrible ways. I hate the smirk on his fat musty face when he talks about how he is better than every other woman and me. I have got a trick for this fuckwad tonight after what he did to Marcie. About two weeks ago Marcie my El Salvadorian roommate was home alone. Marcie doesn’t speak very much English, so when Reginald came over, he took advantage of that fact. The pervert knew I would be away and I had a new roommate Mr. Sadistic, also had an old spare key to my house from when I lived alone. I forgot to get my spare key from the idiot, and I had no idea he would use it. I only gave my key to Reginald in case of emergencies like if I lost my keys or something. Mr. Fuckwad was opening the door to my house at three o’clock in the morning. Marcie, my roommate, was asleep in her bedroom when she was awakened by a lucid wet dream of a man sucking her pussy. The truth is, Reginald had his head between Marcie’s thighs, and his tongue was diving in her squirting cum filled cunt. He slid his cock-long tongue in her cunt-slit and fucked her with his massive tongue like it was a four-inch cock on his face. This was going to be the beginning of a night of sex and torture that still causes me to cringe. After Marcie was entirely coherent, Reginald pretended she was me, and he forced her onto her tummy calling her my name pulling her hair as he drove his hard pulsating enormous cock in her vibrating asshole. In and out his cock went rushing, while she moaned and let him sink more in-depth with each pump. Every time he thrust inside of her his hips would curve deeper and more passionately. Cum poured from her spicy wet cunt all over his meaty dick making his cock even harder and more forceful. All of a sudden Reginald slammed his mad cock in Marcie’s face slapping back and forth on her battered red cheeks. He forced his bone-hard ass cream covered cock into Marcie’s mouth causing her to gag it. Marcie did all she could do to take all of Reginald’s throbbing monster cock, but it was too hard, and fat to all go in without him fucking her face. As Reginald’s cock juice poured out of him all hot and sticky, it drained down Marcie’s throat and, she swallowed every drop. That was the right side of the night, and I’ll bet you want to know what else went down. I watched the whole thing from my security cams set-up on my wireless feed. Marcie is in love now, she can’t get enough of Reginald’s hard demanding cock and his night time visits.

A Fantasy Nightmare

Rape phone sex fantasies


I had a wild and engaging dream last night. I was awakened in the middle of the night by a man telling me my house was on fire. The man picked me up and carry me to my window where he took me out. I was very groggy all I remembered was leaving away from my house my house getting farther and farther away and entering the woods. When we were far away from my house the man put me down on the ground and told me to take my shorts off ice cream no and the man stuff they leather glove into my mouth since I would not take my shorts off the man ripped them off of me. I was screaming and fighting but the man in my rape fantasy would not stop forcing his hard cum-filled cock into my wet steaming hot country. The man in my dreams ground his cock inside of me so goddamn deep that I came all over his bone-hard dick. This was the wettest dream that I had ever had the man in my dreams, I couldn’t see his face his face looked blurred but his cock his cock was massive. He banged in and out of me over and over again he was out of control. Right, when my cunt started to squirt cum all over the place is when I woke up what a nightmare dream that was. Now, I’m so horny and I need to drink some tasty jizz juice.

Dominate my whole family


Slave Training

I know how you like it and I know my duties are to please you completely and in every way without any question whatsoever. So I brought you a gift my whole entire family my mother, my father, my sisters and brothers, and my little daughters and sons. You told me that you would get me to this country and get me a green card in exchange for complete surrender to you sexually and otherwise. It’s wonderful how you brought my whole entire family and we’re so happy together aren’t we, my mother cooks food for you my father he works in the yard and he fixes things around the house my brothers and sisters they work very hard to do everything to please you and my little daughters and sons really know what to do. I love how you made us do Coke and you sold us to the cartels to get us here that was so very brave of you. You are such a smart master. It really turns me on to see you stuff your huge fat cock down my little daughter’s throat making her suck hard teaching her how to satisfy you so well and she really loves it too. I also love how you fuck my mom and my daughters at the same time and you make my mother do everything and when my daddy comes in you’ve make him take his pants down and open his asshole up and you shove your cock into his ass fucking him hard strong with your massive cock. Daddy loves to suck your dick too I love to suck your dick too in fact we all love to suck your body your asshole your cock your everything is so beautiful to us. We owe you everything and I will be damned if we don’t give you everything.


Sleep with me

Spanking chat


Todd is a shy guy he likes to take his time I understand I guess. But really I don’t understand that shit at all so I am going to get Todd to sleep with me and we are going to have unadulterated sloppy wet cum guzzling sex. I want Todd to eat my fucking ass out yeah that’s right I want him to dig that pretty little tongue into my asshole and twirl it around until I See Stars. If you didn’t know you should get the idea I am a nasty fucking whore who loves to be treated like a slut don’t hold back with me for what. I’m not the girl who says no often and I’m not the girl who wants you to wait in fact I don’t want to wait I like to fuck first night first hour first 30 minutes let’s get this shit going. Anyway, Todd like I said for some reason thinks that my horny ass wants respect and for him to take his time, big mistake Todd you’re going to have to fucking get that cock bulked up and ready to fucking stab me in the fucking cunt. Hot and horny horns like me we need the abusive big fat hard dick and every one of our holes. Todd can spank me too it’s one of my great lusts.

I Don’t know that it was a Rape Fantacy

XXX bondage

Todd came it the house drunk last night at 3 in the morning he was a stinky drunken mess. I hate when Todd gets this way because he will do terrible things to me and it always starts with him being a stinking drunken fucker. He woke me up and tore all of my clothes of  my nightgown and my panties screaming at me the whole time. Then he threw me down on the bed and slapped my face and told me that I was going to submit to him like and good little whore. Todds calls me spanish trask while he spanks my bare bottom until it is completely bruised. ” I will beat you until I get weak you piece of Mexican trash” that is what he screams out while I’m total pain as he crashes his huge hands onto my raw pouty ass. Last night Todd forced his fist into my cunt and he didn’t stop even as I begged and cry for him to. After he was finished he drove his rock hard dripping cock down my throat and started choking me with it. I sucked the best I could and I didn’t stop him so I don’t know that what happened last night was a rape fantasy and I don’t care I’m not telling anyone that could hurt my Todd.

My Sad Submission is So Good

I keep myself wanting him and he I hope want’s me but he’s lost in his downbeat so my clouds can’t be not cloudy I’m hoping he gets his shit together, yea or I’m leaving his ass forever. I can’t take being last anymore while he’s laid up with all his whores. I come in screaming and he don’t care while he’s fucking Tammy there like I’m not standing here at all. I start cussing I start crying he keeps fucking even harder. Break my heart and make my pussy wet as well. You’re not my man you belong to everyone with fat pussy lips and I can’t make you faithful no I can’t make you right. Now he’s snatching his pussy wet soaked cock out of Tammy’s gaping pussy hole and threw it down her throat fucking her face driving his solid rock-hard pole in an out with super force choking her. At that moment my pussy started to jump, he looked me in my eyes and said do you want me to cream down her stupid slutty cum catcher for you? I walked over to him weak and thirsty for his everything I said, I want to sit on this slut face and make her eat my ass while you fuck my cunt. Look what he’s done to me. Do you want to do it too?


He is Mad Again 

S&M video

Last week he was so angry at me because I didn’t cook the right meal for him infact lately I haven’t been able to do anything good enough for him. He has been working so hard at the club throwing guys out after they get too wild with the girls. He has been complaining about this one asshole guy who can’t stop coming to the club throwing money getting super drunk and then cussing out all the girls and the bouncers. My guy said the guy drops at least $5,000 whenever he comes so my guy can’t beat the shit out of him and kick him out. I hate the way my guy is going through hell at work and I have got an idea to stop it and get my man back. Okay so I called a few of the girls and got together with them. I let them know how they could stop this fucker from losing his mind and get more cash at the same time. Well I must say the first time I saw the girls do it I was amazed and it worked like a charm. Do you want to know the plan?

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