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My Sad Submission is So Good

I keep myself wanting him and he I hope want’s me but he’s lost in his downbeat so my clouds can’t be not cloudy I’m hoping he gets his shit together, yea or I’m leaving his ass forever. I can’t take being last anymore while he’s laid up with all his whores. I come in screaming and he don’t care while he’s fucking Tammy there like I’m not standing here at all. I start cussing I start crying he keeps fucking even harder. Break my heart and make my pussy wet as well. You’re not my man you belong to everyone with fat pussy lips and I can’t make you faithful no I can’t make you right. Now he’s snatching his pussy wet soaked cock out of Tammy’s gaping pussy hole and threw it down her throat fucking her face driving his solid rock-hard pole in an out with super force choking her. At that moment my pussy started to jump, he looked me in my eyes and said do you want me to cream down her stupid slutty cum catcher for you? I walked over to him weak and thirsty for his everything I said, I want to sit on this slut face and make her eat my ass while you fuck my cunt. Look what he’s done to me. Do you want to do it too?


He is Mad Again 

S&M video

Last week he was so angry at me because I didn’t cook the right meal for him infact lately I haven’t been able to do anything good enough for him. He has been working so hard at the club throwing guys out after they get too wild with the girls. He has been complaining about this one asshole guy who can’t stop coming to the club throwing money getting super drunk and then cussing out all the girls and the bouncers. My guy said the guy drops at least $5,000 whenever he comes so my guy can’t beat the shit out of him and kick him out. I hate the way my guy is going through hell at work and I have got an idea to stop it and get my man back. Okay so I called a few of the girls and got together with them. I let them know how they could stop this fucker from losing his mind and get more cash at the same time. Well I must say the first time I saw the girls do it I was amazed and it worked like a charm. Do you want to know the plan?

Jack is My Monster

Submissive sex

I have been teasing Jack for almost two months now he looks so pitiful when he begs me for my pussy. I get a real kick out of driving him to the point of no return and then sending him away. I love that lookin his eyes like hes going to throw me on the bed and take my hot wet tasty cunt hard and oh so fucking good. I pretend like it’s not what I want but I have to admit I’m doing this to make him break and take my pussy. I want the world to watch him too so I’m going to hook up my video cam and live stream him losing his fucking mind. Do you want to see?

Love Me Hard

Bondage phone sex


All of my girlfriends say that my boyfriend John is too hard on me they say he is always screaming at me and he never let’s me go anywhere without him. I told them that he’s just over protective with me and he would hate for anything to happen to me because I am not paying attention to what’s going on around me. I know they don’t understand but I know what he does the things he does for when it comes to me. I am his most important thing in the world and he has to train me right in order for me to be the best woman for him. My girlfriends don’t really care about their guys because if they did they would be like me. I want my man to love me hard I want the training in fact I feel like I need it.  My man ties me up and treats me like a dirty slut he rips my clothes off sometimes and throws me down on the bed and rams my pussy so hard that I scream to the top of my lungs. I love how he drills me too so my girls don’t know what they are missing out on. I wonder if I should ask my man if he can train my girlfriends too so they can be better for their guys.

Tie me Down or String me Up

Bukkake phone sex

I have got a strong taste to be treated like a fucking whore. I have got the deepest urge to be fucked raw and hard like a fucking Tramp I love it when I’m treated like a bitch that no other man fucking respect. All of the guys even though they don’t respect me though they want to fuck me like a fucking garden hose hoe. And tonight I just want to fuck some hard dick let it go down my throat I just want to lose my entire mind let the guys go go go. I’m the bitch that can take it all I want every bit of in my mouth I want the balls I want the cock shaft I’m a nasty little fucking bitch that’s true. I need it I want it I cannot live without that big dick in my mouth and my ass and shoving so deeply in my cunt I’m a whore I hope you know so when you get started you don’t have to say. I just want you to fuck me all night long.

Married Men Suck Cunt Best 


Extreme fetish phone sex


So there I was the day after Valentine’s, I was looking forward to seeing my lover Todd. Todd is strong he has big beautiful blue eyes a thick Maine blonde Gloria’s hair is a magical tongue I love Todd and I love how he sucks my cunt. Todd is explosive he likes to get dirty I’m sure that he only does that with me getting super dirty that is. I don’t give him limits I let him do whatever he wants he doesn’t get to experience that at home because at home he has to worry about that bitch of a wife. I always tell Todd that bitch doesn’t deserve you she doesn’t know how to appreciate you for one she hates giving head I think that’s a fucking send in a marriage. The bitch complains all the time every time he comes to see me he’s full of tension I have to work his body completely over just to get the funk of her nasty attitude off of him. She makes me want to fuck him and ride his cock and suck his dick in her bed while she’s fucking tied up in a corner but that’s only a fantasy. I miss you Todd I don’t care about Valentine’s Day but today I needed you just like I needed you the day after Valentine’s Day.

Be You it Makes me Hot

Torture phone sex


I’m feeling kind of lonely tonight I need someone to fill me up I’m having a taste for hard cock and salty sweet cum. Some guys would call me a cum guzzling slut and they wouldn’t be lying because I love to take it I love it I love it in every hole in my body. I’m feeling like I need to be punished I want to be tied up and treated like a trashy whore I want to be spanked and played with. Is there anyone out there that can please me that knows that knows how to satisfy a slutty salacious slut whore with a spectacularly vivacious appetite for dick. I will suck your cock until it’s abuse hot lava like a volcano I like to drip it on my face watch it drip from my chin it turns me on to get sprayed.

These Fucking Snakes are Everywhere

Light bondage

They all think they know me, but they don’t know anything. All these guys constantly trying to fuck me but they are fuck-ups, they’re going to lie to me and they are going to tell me that they love me. I used to be a fool yes, I would listen to them when they say they love me and I would give them my pussy I would suck their cocks and let them fuck me however they wanted. Only to have them leave me talk lies about me tell everyone what I did call me whores. These men they have no souls they are heartless and so I am very glad what I am doing to them. Yes, I love it when I am going out with them and make them strip naked. I lie to them I tell them that I love them. I tell them that I need them and that I will do anything. I let them eat my cunt and they suck my pussy so well. I love it I suck their cocks I fuck them and then I take everything they have. I have learned to not ever feel bad I have learned that I’m only getting them back for what they have done to me. These Liars they fucking say anything well guess what I have joined the team and I will say anything too. I don’t like to call them men anymore I like to call them snakes because that is what they are slithering around lying with their slimy fucked up lying tongues. You wouldn’t feel sorry for a snake would you. I make them dress up, I make them put on pantyhose and high heels and dresses and wigs and even makeup. I tell them that I will keep their secrets because I love them and because I just trust them. I tell them lies I makeup secrets in order for them to get vulnerable with me. I take beautiful pictures of them and then I send them the pictures and make them pay me money. I have my pay back now. So, what I’m saying is get naked take off every fucking piece of clothes and give me that hard dick whenever I want it and if you say no to me I will fucking destroy your reputation in society now let’s fuck sweetheart right now.

Lit Kit Porn

Prostate phone sex



He said you wanted a doll a porcelain Little Love Bug with bubble gum cheeks and a hot pink sweaty clit, I said I know just the doll for you. I made him come with me to this different place. We had to go so far to get so much we had to get on a plane to get there. When we got to where we were going I had a little lit kit waiting for him for sure she was hot with her little hairless pussy. I gave him something he would remember forever something he wouldn’t forget. He paid a pretty price for it to like about 5,000 plus the plane tickets and the hotel room. But what he got was a week of gorging on his fantasies he got to stick his penis in little bitty coochies. He even got a chance to get super nasty that shit taboo is made for that’s what he got. I couldn’t get him a little porcelain doll, but I got him a little brown butter cup he loved it he cried while he was inside cumming. I mean he pounded those pussies those itty-bitty cunts he really drilled inside as deep as his cock could go. He’s a nasty one and he wanted to see video tapes, so you know I made some video for him and now he watches every day.

March Musty Madness 


Bukkake phone sex

Do you want to suck my musty titties do you want to see me be your trash well I can I truly can do what you need. I have wanted to fuck you Peter for such a long time, but I know you like the Trashy whores they turn you on. At first, I thought I was too innocent to satisfy your needs but then I knew that I wanted you so I desire you so. And if I was going to get what I’m lusting after I’m going to have to open up and get a little nasty. So, Peter I’ve been watching porn I also did something insane I went out and slept with 3 Guys I was a fucking whore. Do you know what Peter I loved it, it was so good I was a fucking trashy whore trashy as I could be. I did it all for you, so you can get your scuzz bucket slut you’re cum guzzling fucking cunt you’re what I want. so, while I was fucking those three guys I was thinking about you drilling me all I wanted was your cock and my hands and my mouth and my cunt and my ass in and out. I am your fucking whore I did it all for you I’ll be here fucking trash even I will prostitute I will I did see I brought you this money too. Peter all I want to know is are you proud of me now do you trust that I’m a whore and I’ll do anything you want me to you can own me you can roll me you can sell me I’m so happy with what you’re going to do. And guess what we are just in time for March m March Musty Madness you can sell me to the biker guys a fuck them all in front of your eyes. Peter there’s nothing I won’t do for you I’ll let them do what they want to as long as you are happy and proud of me. I’ll do anything for you I’m your slave and I mean it I like being subservient to you. I like you taking me over being in complete control I deserve it.

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