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 Bare bottom spankings

My pussy is wet for dick now, and I can’t wait to please a burley perverted guy. I know that you would have a soaking wet satisfying time. I’m such a passionate cum guzzling whore I can’t wait to be fucked in the back of a truck. I am your fantasy slut, and all you have to do is give me a chance. If you are horny, you should let me ride your hard cock. Don’t you desire to be deep inside me pounding my asshole? You can stick your big thick rock solid hard cum-filled cock inside in me? I know you want me and I won’t stop you. I will allow you to do whatever is on your filthy mind with no taboos to worry about. I know you will have so much dirty nasty fun. Call me any name you desire because I am your nasty freak and I plan to please all your nasty fucking fetishes. I love hard dicks going down my throat so much I can’t get enough. I’m not like your conventional sex monster I’m more I’ll swallow your fucking cock and your cum.

My Sugar Daddy

Submissive Whore

I’m with my sugar daddy now, and he is so fucking great. My man knows what to do to get me hot. All I’ve been thinking about is sucking his big luscious cock his balls are always full of cum, and it’s incredible. My body needs this man more than anything because he knows just how to do me right. I am a fucking cunt slut, and I love being nasty for my man. My sugar daddy keeps me wet he makes my pussy not ever forget that he is majoring in my life; he means more than everything to me. Would you like to have a good time I’ve got some girlfriends, and we can get really hot, but you’ve got to watch me fuck my sugar daddy first. Big Daddy doesn’t mind when I fuck someone but he has got to put his prints all over me first, and that is fine because he’s earned it. Imma wed slut I can fuck all night long Alpha 2 and three guys at the same time. Would you like to try me out if you’re the kind of guy that gets off on cuckolding then you’re sure to have the really fucking great time with me? My body’s calling a fat cock to raid my asshole and fuck it so good until its gaping wide open. I don’t hold back that’s not what I’m known for my girls could tell you I’m really a bad whore I am the fucking worst. Come into my love land and get you a hot piece of ass I’m not the only one who will fuck you my friends will too. You can play with my pretty pussy and have a really fucking great time I’m not joking there are no games here I’m for real. Are you horny enough to do the most I’m telling you-you can have a good time?

Slut Stuff

Bare bottom spankings

I am hungry for some fucking sex, and I need it right now I’m so horny my body is trembling. I want to suck your big throbbing cock all day, and all night long I want to make you spray your load all down my throat. You can fuck me in every position that you’ve ever wanted to I won’t stop you at all. Let’s do the nastiest sexy fucking things that we can imagine I really need to. I am so horny today my body wants big dick and balls. I want you to suck my pussy I want you to drive your tongue into my pussy hole so deep that you make me scream. I want to squirt in your face I need to, and you know that you need my hot cum. I don’t want any strings attached so fuck my boyfriend fuck my husband fuck anything that’s going to stop me from doing exactly what I want to. I don’t care about my relationships right now the only thing that I care about is getting off.

Anything You Want


Submissive phone sex

Fuck me in my ass and give me your dirty motherfucking cock right now. I need you; I want you and I have been lusting after you all night and day. Would you like to fuck me naked head with your big fat dick? I’ll let you if you want I will let you do anything you ask of me sweetheart you’re the boss of my life, and I want you to know. I am your submissive whore you are my dominant King and everything you say goes with me and that’s true. I want to give you head in front of all the boys you know because you’re a hot teen and you make my pussy so wet. I won’t ever reject you because you are my everything and I mean that babe without a doubt. You are the one who makes me tick you make me feel good with your dick I can never get enough of it. I’m your sex slave you can have fucking sex with me anytime you want I promise I will be there for you. My cunt is so fucking cum guzzling hot, and you make it that way whenever you look at me. Please let me be your best slave; I just want to satisfy you and give you exactly what you desire from me.

Bondage and submission

I want to Submit Tonight

Submissive sex

You feel so good inside of my sopping wet cum dumpster cunt babe, you feel so fucking right inside of me. I love your hard cum-filled cock monster, and I want you to unload all of your delicious cock juice deep inside of my cunt and my gaping asshole. I need to know for sure if you want me too babe. Tell me, sweet babe, if you want to spill your cum in my pussy all night long. I’m telling you now so that you will know, I’ll let you do whatever you want wherever you want without restrictions. I need you to be a super nasty fucker for me babe, and I want you also to know that my coked up cunt is your cunt to control. Oh yeah, babe blow your fucking load in my hot wet pussy I will gladly catch it, babe. I want you to fuck me good; oh yeah and I want to clean that cock up real good for you. I am going to clean you up and suck and swallow all of your jizz juice babe yes.

I will do anything for you


Submissive phone sex

My pussy is so wet that you could slide your cock right inside of me, we could have so much fun I know this. I see your dick is so hard that it wants to stab me deep inside of my slippery wet cunt flesh, all I’ve been thinking about is you. Let me be your tramp I promise you I’m going to deliver the best I can be your whore if you want me to. I will drop down on my knees, and I will suck your cock at the drop of a hat if you tell me to that is what I’ll do for real. Do you know you have me under your spell I will do anything that you ask me to you own me and I am your sex slave I’ll let you fuck me? I’ll let you go really crazy you don’t have to worry about rules not with me sweetheart because I need you so bad. Don’t you want to own me, don’t you want to be the rule in charge you could be the top guy in my life. Don’t you want to fuck me like all of the rest of the guys are begging me to don’t you want to give me your big fat cock. I am in love with you, and I don’t care what the people say everyone has a word to put in on our Exchange. All the guys say that you’re not worthy they say you don’t have as much as they do they always try to complain, but it doesn’t stop me from lusting after you. All I know is that my eyes are made to want you and only you, all I can see when the rest of the guys come around is you, babe. I have wanted to be your sex slave for so many months, ever since I saw your face at my girlfriend’s party. I know you know how to kiss puys you well because I saw you kissing all of those girls and you were licking all of their cunts one at a time right after another. You were so fucking hot, and I fell in love at that moment because I need a nasty man who will get out of control. So let me be your whore let me be your sophisticated slut let me be your secret skank I’m waiting I want to too bad. And when you own me not another guy is going to count you’re the only man in the world and what you say will always be number one in my life. Think about it think just how great it could be.

Submissive Whore

Fuck me in the Pussy


Submissive Whore

Fuck me in the pussy because you drive me wild; I just want you in my cunt. You’re the fucking disaster that I’ve been waiting for all month long. I was told that I was going to get a real freaking motherfucker who has no objections to anything and I’m wondering is that you? I’m a funky, freaky slut and I don’t give a fuck I want you to fuck me in my ass hole I want you to fuck my mouth to just like you fuck up pussy babe. Give me all of your goddamn dick I want it right now I’ve been waiting too long and my freakiness is going wild. I’m a mother fucking slut I love it in the goddamn but if you want actions you can have that, and I promise I won’t hold back. I’m a nasty little bitch all the hoes in my motherfucking corner they know exactly what I’m going to do they’re not surprised by me I’m going to surprise you though. Kiss my pussy babe strap my fucking pussy up getting ready to go wild all night long beaches can’t stop me. I was waiting for some dick in the Midnight Hour and that dick just got to me and he fucked me like an estranged husband who just wanted to be back together. I am a big tease but I am a big please too, and I can’t wait to please you. Do you want to do all the things you’ve ever wanted to do to any other woman do you want to do that to me because you can. I like it down, and dirty can’t make me have a conscious because I’m lost on that I know how to satisfy myself. Men like nasty bitches guys go crazy over whores, and I can’t help noticing that guys always go mad over me they like my offensive fucking Behavior. Guys love to fuck me in groups if you’ve got a friend I’ll fuck you I want to be fucked by two dicks for Dick’s 7 dicks even more. I like to host a party of whorish Behavior fuck all the rest of those morals you can give those morals to a motherfucking none because I don’t want them for myself. Now kiss my pussy and let’s get started bitch.

My Pussy Owner


Bondage phone sex

He came over to my house Thomas, again tonight being a fucking maniac. I did not know what to do when he walked up to me and grabbed the back of my hair and told me that he misses me and then he planted his huge cock inside of my mouth. I cried a little inside because I am weak for Thomas, I can’t help myself he’s the Lunatic that I love. He bent me over the kitchen table, he ripped my panties right off of me and shoved his already thick solid cock inside of my asshole. Thomas did not even put lubrication on his cock first, he just drove it inside of my asshole which made me fucking dripping wet in my pussy. I rubbed my dripping squirting red pussy juices in my ass so that it could wet me up. Thomas kept telling me how he was the most important man in my life and saying how I could not fuck another man or he will go crazy. I love Thomas, I try not to I tried to be strong and kick him out of my house but at the end of the day, I am lost without him. I love the way he slaps my face and makes me his little torture slut. Last night Thomas fucked me hard in my bloody red pussy and he also fuck me in my asshole he didn’t stop as I screamed with Passion. I am his love slave I am the one that will do whatever he asked me to he is one of those guys with super machismo. I am mad for Thomas I can’t help the way he makes me feel it takes total control over me and then moves me it moves my soul.

Cum Guzzling Slut


Erotic submissive stories

I want to fuck, and I want you to take my body and control it. Do you like the way I look in this negligee I’m so sexy don’t you think I know you’re hungry when you see me, and I will feed you. I’m a nasty fucking freak cum guzzling slut, and I love to fuck all the time my cunt is so wet I can’t get enough of you I really want you, babe, too. I have been dreaming of your hot, warm, strong hands grabbing me around my waist doggy style and you put your big fat hard cock inside of me. I’m begging I need it, I want you so severely babe be with me, give me all of you don’t take your love away from me. Your stupid wife doesn’t know how to please you like I do she’s not worth it babe don’t you know it. I am your everything I will suck you until your cream it’s all gone and down my throat. I will gag on your big fat cock, and I just won’t stop until you’re screaming in pleasure. You’re the only important person in the world to me, you give me happiness you provide me with joy I cannot get enough of you. I want you all the time I worship your cock, and you can do it in the anal place if you want to I won’t hold you back because that’s what kind of whore I am. I am going to make this short and sweet and tell you plainly I would do anything for you there are no limits no taboos. I’m a dream for you, and you are my every fantasy you make me feel like a real woman should. So listen to me loud and clear bring your cock over to my house and wear me out completely.

I Need You Right Now

Submissive sex chat


Last night my boyfriend gave me a black eye, again. I don’t know what to say I’m tired of giving myself fucked up excuses to deal with why I’m still keeping him. At this point my boyfriend and I are together because we make money and now I’m thinking the black eye is a part of the decor, sometimes I don’t even laugh at that joke. I dream about a guy who can come in take me out of this life and treat me like some fucking Cinderella Story. I know better though I know there’s no one going to save me from these streets and this money that has to be made. That’s right ladies and gentlemen my boyfriend is my pimp, and he is a big black rude piece of shit, but I love him. My boyfriend likes the fact that I’m a delicate Spanish piece of California Sunny pussy, he says that drives the Saviour types crazy. I love the Saviour types they really come in and try to stop all the madness. I need a savior type right about now I think that I would suck his cock so good that he would shoot come down my throat for at least 5 minutes. I would suck his dick to the balls while he’s rock solid hard and then I would jump on top of it and ride it I could get away car. I want someone to get me out of this I need a real man to take me away from this nigger trash and bring me into the white light again. I need a Bonafide Superman to get me out of the grips of the Devil Himself.

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