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Toilet Slave

slave training

Hey it’s your slave Rosalie. Is it ok if I speak, or will you gag me with your dick for daring to? Oh, please I’m just here to serve you, please don’t burn me. I know I’m a bad girl, so use me like the toilet I am. Yes Master, put the toilet over my face and pee and shit all over me. I’m just a place for you to dump all your cum and piss and shit. Spit on me if it makes you cum more for me. Fuck my pussy until I bleed and cry, and humiliate me by using me as a toilet in front of my friends and your friends. I wanna taste your piss and shit, master. I’m just your toilet and cum dumpster. Anytime you want to use me, call my live phone sex line.

Your slave, Rosalie

Golden Shower Slave

submissive whore

Hey! It’s Rosalie, your slave. Please pee on me again and put me in my place. I love when you bully me! I remember when I was a bit younger a girl I went to school with bullied me in front of a lot of other girls. She made me eat her hairy, unclean pussy, and then she peed all over my face while other girls laughed and mocked me. She made me put my tongue deep into her cunt until I found it hard to breathe. She asked me to spread her lips and moan like I liked it. I tried and it wasn’t good enough, so with my mouth open wide she peed a LOT into my mouth. I thought I was going to drown! Anyway! Please punish me with your piss. If you call me on my live phone sex line, be prepared for golden shower.

I Need to Be Punished

submissive phone sex

I met a sexy bad boy last night! He took me out to a fancy restaurant and was so sweet even though I’m an undeserving whore. We were enjoying a glass of red wine and we both felt a bit tipsy when suddenly he started calling me names in front of everyone. He asked me if I wanted him to show everyone “who’s boss,” and I begged him to punish me in front of everyone. I’m so wet now even thinking about it! I had a box of leftovers, which he opened and dumped all over my body. He called me his stupid bitch and a dirty whore and commanded me to get on my knees. I did as he told me! One of the managers came out to see all the fuss and attempted to kick Dimitri out, but I told the manager that I was only there to serve him. Dimitri pulled a collar out of his pocket and fastened it tight around my neck. It was so tight I could barely breathe! My pussy was pulsating as I saw his angry grimace. “Punish me Master,” I cried out. “I don’t deserve to be wined and dined, “I’m just here for your pleasure!” He commanded that I crawled on my knees, and so I did. He led me out to his car, where he then placed a leash on me. He made me take off my skirt and panties and at this point everyone could see us. People were taking photos of my gushing wet pussy and recording too. Then my master made me crawl behind the dumpsters because he had to relieve himself. As everyone gathered around, Dimitri peed all over my face and in my mouth. It was the most amazing shower I’ve ever had. Then he shoved his gorgeous throbbing cock deep into the back of my throat. As I choked and gagged I could feel myself creaming in front of everyone! Who wants to punish my slutty body next?

Submissive Whore Figging Training

Submissive whore

Submissive whore desires pain and there is nothing I can do about it! Many submissives are also masochist and I like to think I fit in that category. Life as a submissive led me to experience a lot of pain. I learned to accept it as part of being a whore. To really enjoy fucking I must have pain inflicted on me. There are certain men that enjoy hurting women when they fuck. I like to think I find some joy in being hurt. A slap across the face to the floor is what I need!
The more BDMS toys there are the better! Pull me across your lap and expose my bare ass! Take the cane I have handed you and bring it down across my cheeks! I am sure your cock will get hard from the smack and my pussy will start to cum! I especially have learned to like figging!

Master please spread my cheeks and begin to play with my asshole, the warmth of your tongue feels so good!Spread my cheeks and begin to insert the ginger root into my tight little hole. The coldness causes me to gasp out loud. My ass expands painfully to accommodate the ginger. Little by little you work the ginger almost forcing it in! Finally the ginger is inside my tight ass and then you begin to spank me! I feel a warmth spread through me! I am trying hard to take it but the ginger root is painful in my ass. The pain from the spanking and the rising heat from the ginger are too much for me. I start whimpering like a wounded canine. The root has been in my ass for 20 minutes! My legs shake as I try to hold on! Finally you take it out of my ass and ram it into my pussy hole! Spreading my ass cheeks I feel the girth of your cock slam into my ass with such force that the ginger root drives itself harder into my pussy lips! I feel you cum on my ass!

BDSM Phone Sex
I am always drawn to the dominant powerful men. They know they could easily tear me apart. I’ve been beat up, pushed round and forced fuck! I am so broken Master that you must abuse me! I want to be tied to a bed and whipped! The nuns here have certainly taught me well in a few short weeks and now it is your turn!

Submissive Whore is a Doting Pain Slut

submissive whore

Submissive whore wants to be treated like a pain slut! I love the callers that make me beg for mercy! I am yours Master to use and abuse as you see fit. I exist only to please you with my tears and screams. I need a Master to accept me as a perfect little fuck toy, pain slut, and perhaps snuff toy. I kneel between your legs gently sucking your cock. You pull me by hair and drag me over to a table. I am pulled up into stirrups and chained Grabbing a needle you pressed it deep into my tit meat. I cry out in pain! Grabbing a metal speculum you spread my pussy lips apart and injected another needle. This made me scream! I will love hardcore bondage you will condition me well!
Looking at my tits you could tell they were swollen and turning red. You began to tighten your grip on my tits and began to flatten them. My screams were almost inhuman. You will say over and over not to stop sucking your cock! I will obey Master and continue to suck! Each of my tits had at least a hundred pins in there and pointed out like compasses. You begin to stick pins in my pussy lips. I scream uncontrollable but Master everything I do is to service you! The nuns and students have taught me well! I am yours Master for the taking and I am always ready for your command!

Submissive Whore Classifieds

Submissive Whore

      Submission whore want ads went out everywhere! They had put the advertisement in the paper to find me a master. Wanted a young slut willing to suffer bondage, extreme humiliation, severe whipping and sexual duties. I knew the nuns would be pleased for me to earn my keep. I had been auditioning all week the last Master Applicant had my body in a whirl wind. I stood still as I felt the sting of the lash against my tits. Hurrying to the wall as instructed I could see the chains from above. Suddenly I felt his hands push me into the wall. I felt the tear of my flesh against the stone wall over and over again. Tears ran down my face and blood ran from my tits. I could only cry mercilessly as the whip landed on my back and pussy lips. Was he my Dominate or a punisher of cruelty? Only the nuns and you could decide. My soul purpose now was to be of service and do what you wished. My only question is how will you break me?

Submissive phone sex whore seeks Master

Submissive Phone Sex

     Submissive phone sex breaks me down during the call. I want to lose all mind control and orgasm at your will. This is one of those calls and fantasies I have had Master. If you wish we can continue. My only wish  as your slave is to serve. I hear footsteps master is that you or the nuns?

    The nuns hung me from the ceiling after the games were over I am sure they are preparing for me what is to come master. And so the fantasy starts…

      You came in to see me. My hands are shackled above my head. Smiling, you pick up two tit presses. Ignoring my pleas you take my tit and feed it through the bars. You repeated the procedure with the other tit. Gripping the wing nuts you start turning. Picking up the long pins you press them in my tits. My screams went to racking sobs.

    You told me to bend over so you could fuck my ass. Shackling my ankles to the floor, you force my tits to hang down as you puncture more needles in them. I beg you to use lubricant on my ass or it would cause more pain. Putting a hand on my bruised clit the nuns said I was lying that this would cause the most pleasure. Walking over to a shelf they pick up a box with a salve in it to apply to my pussy. It would cause it to itch but would be perfectly fine for you as long as you wore a condom.

    Taking a condom out of the box the nuns sheath your cock inside of it. They were made for my master’s substantial cock. Your cock! The nuns scooped a large amount of gob onto my cunt and I was ready! Your fat cock rammed into my pussy stretching the cunt walls. The condom was rubbing the walls of my raw pussy.

    Placing your cock against my tight asshole ,you ram it all the way in up to my sphincter .You will not let me beg for mercy! I am mind fucked. I am just a lump of flesh being used and abused for the pleasure! I am a broken submissive slut ready for Master.

Bondage Submission Of a whore

Bondage Submission

      “Of course it will hurt doll face.” He said. Master will open your pussy with his cock for the first time. Always remember that his pain means that he is feeling a great pleasure. Mentally because he is fucking you for the first time and  physically because he is violating you for the first time. Their former slave had died from fulfilling their duty to you Master. She had died a good death by fulfill her obligations to these bastards. I remember their former slave locked in the cage. I had heard that they had fucked her and forced her to suck cock until she bled internally. She cried and wailed at the end the guy that was trained to be her master had pushed his cock into her eye socket she screamed out in terrible pain and she died from what I was told. But again our reason in life is to be used so I guess that it was only fair that they took her life for pleasure. What mind frame a couple days here had gotten me!

     I have been taught to give a lot of pleasure with my pain and possible death. I am getting my ass lubricated ready for master. He may want to take me in the ass as usual they say or fuck my pussy. They have not decided what will be pleasing. Perhaps maybe you can decide my fate! After all, I am here to serve as your submissive slut!

Bondage Submission Tribunal

Bondage Submission

     Bondage submission is not for the light hearted. I lay bare in a church. There is a tribunal going on that will take days even weeks. Some of the nuns sit in the back as witnesses to the humiliation. Forced to sit in a birthing chair mounted under the dais, my legs are tied securely behind the chair. My legs are forced back and open in the extreme then strapped in place laid bare for my students to see. My pussy is the focal point of it all. They sit around looking for signs of my arousal of any type of pleasure that is to be oriented. Four of my students come forward and slap me across the face and I know that the punishment is not going to be easy. Kicking the chair out my head hits the floor with a loud thud and the training is about to begin!

     The nuns liked to watch my students eat my pussy. “No cumming or you will be punished” The nuns would retort. My master would stand before me and laugh and I knew I had already missed the mark and would be punished anyway! Grabbing the riding crop master began to hit my pussy with such force that the riding crop broke. Taking his fingers and inserting them in my pussy he bent down to lick and bite! I tried not to moan to show any pleasure would just mean more torture. I held my breath I tried to think of anything that would stop me from cumming! But, it was too late my body shook uncontrollably. With each spasm the ropes that held me to the chair, tightened. The nuns looked on in approval and I looked into the eyes of my master. Smiling he grabbed me by my hair to sit me back up. It would be the beginning of my submissive contract to these brats I would have no choice but to obey!