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I’ve Been Bad

bare bottom spankings



You caught me pleasuring myself and you’re absolutely furious. My sexuality is absolutely not for my own pleasure but instead for yours and yours only. The fact that I would even dream of giving myself an orgasm makes you want to tare me from limb to limb but since it is my first offense, you’re going to result to a more traditional punishment: bare bottom spankings. You order me to pull my panties down and take off my tiny little skirt- you don’t want anything getting in the way of your smacks against my soft flesh. I do as you say but whimper and give you my saddest puppy dog eyes, begging silently for just a little bit of mercy this time. You will not have any of it though and quickly slam my tight body down over your knees with my ass up in the air. You spank as hard as you can, ordering me to count each hit and apologize for masturbating before accepting my neck smack. This goes on all the way to 100. After you make me spread open my bruised cheeks to expose my asshole, slamming your rock hard cock directly into my hole and making me take your gigantic load of cum deep into my rectum. After you release, you have me crotch over a bedpan and push your sperm out- having me then lap it up like the pet I really am. I’ve been bad again and you’ve caught me, if bare bottom spankings didn’t work last time- what do you think will put me in my place, Master?


Pissing Phone Sex with Sookie


pissing phone sex


You know how much a submissive little cunt like me likes to get defiled. One of your favorite ways to put me into my place is to piss all over me. If I act up or don’t suck on your cock just right, it’s time for a mouth load of urine and a quick slap across the face as well. Sometimes if I am really misbehaving you’ll even make me open my eyeballs up super wide and take all the piss right into my little pretty eyeballs without blinking. I lick up the salty yellow cocktail while it drips down to my lips and chin. You pulling out a big beer bong funnel, shoving it straight into my ass and giving me a urine enema so we can fully clean out my asshole for the forced anal fucking I am going to receive soon enough. Upon sliding the tube out, you make me lick my own scat off of the tube and tell you how yummy my own shit tastes. It’s then time to bring out your friends all dressed in gimp masks to continue our little piss-filled tea party. Having them surround me and ordering me to drink from their cocks like water fountains one by one.

Strapped To The Wall

bondage and submission



You’ve developed a new way to make me submit to your every need. You attached leather straps to the wall of the basement you keep me in and order me to get into position with my ass out. That’s when you start to lube up every object you can think of to use on me. Everything from a baseball bat to loaded gun straight into my anus. You force fuck me with your fun new toys until you see blood and scat leak out of my hole. I can’t beg you to stop, I know that will result in just more force fucking. I have to just submit to your sadistic commands as my master. My body aches and I am exhausted with tears coming out of my eyes. You make me count each time you thrust a new phallic object inside my holes and order for me to guess what it could be this time. I eventually black out from all of the pain and that just pisses you off even more. You slap me to wake me up and ask me to tell you in detail why this is happening to me. It’s because I am a worthless slut and I know it. I am only yours because you’re the only one who would have me. I pray every night that you haven’t found more inspiration for pain but secretly I also love being your voodoo doll. I wonder what’s next for tonight…

Erotic Asphyxiation

extreme bondage


You had me try something new last night as your little pet. You bound me in leather, tied me
up in rope with all kinds of crazy knots and whispered that it was time I got a big orgasm from
you. I was excited but scared because being a subby girl who knows her master very well by this point,
I figured it was something very different from just a casual fun time. After you had me exactly
where you wanted me, you pulled out the big Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator and began opening
the lips of my labia to expose my clit, letting the huge toy do most of the work. As I was getting
closer and closer to climax, you watched my eyes- using edge play to your advantage. Once you knew I was
bound to explode at any minute, you put a clear trash bag over my head and kept the machine going on high.
My face was turning purple and I was losing air but I could tell this was something I had never felt before
as I finally came all over the sheet, you pulled the bag off of my head so I could finally get air again.
“That is called erotic asphyxiation, my slave”, you said with a grin- knowing you had given me a new addiction.
I gasped and caught my breath finally but then saw your huge pulsating cock through your jeans and knew it
was now time for me to return the favor.

Cage and Collar

cum slut phone sex


I’ve been all gagged and tied for weeks now with my new master. My favorite thing he does to me
is treat me like a little subby doggie. Complete with butt plug tail and collar. He gives me hard
spankings and makes me eat piss and shit out of bowls on the floor. That filthy scat is so delicious
and especially after a long day of waiting for master to let me out to play. I’ve been wondering
what his next idea with be. He loves putting a saddle on me sometimes and making me walk around like
horsey. He even sometimes let’s some of his beasts out so I can lick and suck their red rockets completely
dry. Licking the furry ass right below the tail and sucking the shit from the source has become
one of his many ways of being sexually entertained and pleased. I’ll do anything to make master happy,
literally anything. I don’t have a single say and the word “no” doesn’t exist in our sub/dom world for sure.
Did you have any ideas I should tell master for what to do to me next?

Shit Eater

scat phone sex

Make me eat your shit sandwich. Release your bowels into your pants and make me lick them clean. Don’t
forget to force my face in between your ass cheeks and clean your asshole like a good little submissive
whore. I’ll need something to drink, so turn around and piss into my mouth until my belly is full of your
urine and scatty goodness. Now make me force my own fingers down my throat and vomit it all up into a dog bowl.
Force me to puke until my eyes are blood shot from all the heaves. Once that bowl is completely filled, put it into
the cage you keep me in when you aren’t using me for pleasure. That’s my breakfast, lunch and dinner- right?
I better lick that god damn bowl clean before you come to check on me too. I know my place here. I know I am your
little subby bimbo slut who doesn’t have a single say in what you do to me. You bought me pretrained and now you only
have to make sure I don’t even consider challenging your directive. I’ve been a good girl but not good enough for your
preferences. What should happen to a bad little whore like me?

My Parents Sold Me

Bondage Chat

Daddy & Mommy were tired of feeding me so they allowed you to buy me from them. I knew I was in big trouble
when I walked in the door and you already had all your bondage accessories out. You immediately put a collar around
my neck and added the leash. You walked your new pet around it’s new home. Pointing out where my food and water bowls
were. Where my cage I would sleep in each night was. Showing me the large tupperware containers where I am to now
relieve myself. You want to save every drop of my urine and solid waste for scat play in the future.
You lay down your list of rules as my new master which seem simple, basically just whatever you say goes and no
objecting. You then decide to break me in by tying me to the bondage cross in your bedroom and fucking all of my holes
while only a camera watches. You tell me I’m going to be a movie star now. I guess that means you’re going to make even
more money off of me than mommy and daddy even ever did.




Shitty Family Meal

scat phone sex



Mom and dad have been feeding me nothing but human waste for weeks now. I don’t even remember what
real food tastes like but it’s so important to me that their submissive whore training program
goes off without a snag that I can only comply. They are just making sure I can be the best
human toilet bitch. Also I have to consider how much money mommy and daddy make off me.
They have started inviting tons of new guys over to help keep me fed. Even designed this crazy
chair with a hole in the middle, right where your ass goes. They tie me up under it and order
that I keep my mouth wide open while you and other men drop ooey gooey shit right into my
mouth like a baby bird. How am I going to wash it down? You had the best idea- buckets of piss
and only cum for dessert. I hope mom and dad never change their minds about this program.
I love being a tool for desire. What do you think mommy and daddy should try next?

A little Tied Up At The Moment

bondage and submission


I am worthless piece of shit submissive whore who only lives to be treated like a object. I love being kept busy- all tied up that is! The way those ropes feel against my skin, completely triggering all those memories of growing up as a target of objectification. I don’t know any other way to be than submissive. Laying back and taking it, even though my eyes are begging you to stop, is just the way my life was meant to be. Punch me in my pussy- tenderize that cunt. Bend me over and force fuck my asshole till it bleeds. Spank and slap the bottoms of my feet until they are purple. I am your human punching bag sex doll who cannot stop you even if she wanted to. Make me wish I had never been born. I am your toy now.

Anything For An 8Ball

gangbang phone sex

All I’m really good for these days is being a coke party girl. I’ll do anything men want for an 8ball and that includes a huge gangbang at orgy parties. Once that coke starts giving me sweet numb gums it’s time to play!!! It’s not a good gang bang until I am completely tied down with all of my holes primed and ready for cocks and fists! These guys were no rookies to the routine. I had cocks in every hole and I was choking on those dicks! But it all felt so fucking good because of that white powder running through my system. I was moaning and gagging all over those dicks and soon I was gulping down cum and my own chunky vomit! Dick after dick came down my throat and I lost count of how long I was brutally fucked. I can tell you that I almost finished half of that 8ball though. Damn I am sore, but I’d do it all over again to get some more of that angel dust up in my face.

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