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Anything For An 8Ball

gangbang phone sex

All I’m really good for these days is being a coke party girl. I’ll do anything men want for an 8ball and that includes a huge gangbang at orgy parties. Once that coke starts giving me sweet numb gums it’s time to play!!! It’s not a good gang bang until I am completely tied down with all of my holes primed and ready for cocks and fists! These guys were no rookies to the routine. I had cocks in every hole and I was choking on those dicks! But it all felt so fucking good because of that white powder running through my system. I was moaning and gagging all over those dicks and soon I was gulping down cum and my own chunky vomit! Dick after dick came down my throat and I lost count of how long I was brutally fucked. I can tell you that I almost finished half of that 8ball though. Damn I am sore, but I’d do it all over again to get some more of that angel dust up in my face.

Submissive Slut

submissive slut

My poor pussy is still aching from this weekend. He forced me into an uncomfortable position and then restrained me that way just to let me sit there for two hours completely naked.  By the time he got to me my knees were bruised and indented with deep craters from the gravel I was kneeling on. I was also kind of nodding off too but he roused me out of that by painfully slapping my bare pussy lips that had grown cold and numb after two hours of sitting like that. He then punched my pussy a couple times to “warm it up” and then slid his fat cock into my pussy so deeply that it jabbed roughly against my cervix! I screamed out against my ball gag stuffed between my lips and he just pushed harder! His thick fingers fisted in my hair at the base of my skull and yanked my head back so that he could the tears roll down my cheeks. He enjoyed my pain and it only made him fill my cunt with cum quicker. I’m nothing but a submissive slut, I’ll only be good for brutal bondage and getting my holes beaten until they’re gaping open and draining cum.

Anal Cum Whore

bdsm phone sex

I was shopping recently at my local sex toy store and I bumped into an old friend of mine. Naturally we were both reaching for the same bondage cuff bracelets when our eyes locked. He told me that he would buy them for me if I let him use them on me! Who is gonna pass up that opportunity? Haha, not a submissive whore like myself.  We went back to my place and he didn’t waste a minute with conversation before he started to quickly fasten me down to the metal frame of my headboard. First he rode my face really hard and then moved down my body to cum all over my skin! I moaned out loudly and came all over myself too because there’s nothing better than the feeling of hot sticky jizz all over my fucking body! Those cuffs worked so well, I couldn’t move an inch away from his cum. I’m planning on visiting the sex shop again real soon! Next time, I’m going to the anal plug section because I really love getting fucked in the ass and then filled with fresh cum. Maybe I’ll get lucky again!


I Am Nothing But A Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore

“You are my submissive whore and no one elses!” He smacked me on my face and continued to beat me. I curled up and took the blows and when he stopped I dared not to speak. He grabbed my throat and pushed me up, telling me that I better tell him what I am. “I am a submissive whore. I am a stupid pathetic piece of shit. I am nothing but a cum dumpster sex slave to be used for men and k9 pleasure.” He smirked at me and pushed me back down on the ground, ready to take me as his personal submissive whore. I knew better than to fight him, which would be hard anyway all tied up. He pulled my ties taught so I wouldn’t be able to move at all. My face was down in the ground and my ass and bare pussy exposed. He smacked my ass and pussy with his whip, I felt the welts start to grow. He was fucking me in no time, his cock buried in my pussy while he violated my pussy with his fingers, quickly working it up to a fist. This is my life, and the cum in my pussy proves I love it.

My True Purpose

submissive slut

Look at me! The biggest submissive slut you could ever find. My Daddy raised me right, to enjoy being beaten around, used and fucked like the submissive slut I am. Being treated like shit is my specialty! Cum, piss and shit, bondage, abuse, humiliation, forced rape fantasies, k9 play… I fucking love it all. My cunt is literally dripping writing this because what I crave right now is for more men than I can count will come in and take advantage of this true submissive slut. I want them to pass me around beating me, fucking me, keeping me tied up and completely helpless and at their mercy. Even when I struggle I cum hard because this is how I want and need to be treated. This is how all women should be treated in my opinion…and I only state my opinion because a man is not around to put me in my place. That’s all I crave in life, that is my only true purpose – to be used.

Bukkake Phone Sex

bukkake phone sex

I get lots of training on being a cum dumpster…in real life and on the phone. I love bukkake phone sex and bukkake sex in general. I am pretty obsessed with cum! I was raised this way. I have always been obsessed with bukkake phone sex, being a cum dumpster, eating and playing with cum! I love to get fucking nasty! I like to get high on the phone, before a call and during a call. My favorite is a few fat fucking lines. That’s when I start feeling like I can do anything! And I do anything and everything a guy asks and tells me to do. I am as obedient as a dog, the perfect bukkake phone sex pet. My face really needs to be covered in THICK and sticky jizz. I am craving cum in my mouth and all over my body. I need feel warm cum covering my body as a whole. I want to feel the weight of such a large amount of cum  dripping off my face and smearing into my hair and eyes! I will keep it in there as long as I can! My favorite look is the cum covered look.

Sexy Phone Sex Sookie

sexy phone sex

You know what’s sexier than anything baby? Banana Split Sundaes. Not only do they fucking taste amazing but they’re just so seductive in a sense. Like when I’m eating a big fat sundae in front of you and I decide to start putting some whip cream on my nipples for you. You’d like that wouldn’t you, baby? Are you starting to think of all the endless possibilities now sexy? I take that cherry and place it on top of my clit between my smooth lips between my smooth fucking thighs for you to bend over and eat that cherry right out of my pussy. After you’re finished with your cherry, you can move on to the main dessert. Mmm, you guessed it! You’ll lick and suck all over my pussy until you’ve got me begging for more and moaning out your sexy name baby. Feeling hungry yet? I know I always am! Whenever you’re ready, I am. I’ve got a sexy body just for you baby.

Gangbang Celebration

Submissive Whore

In honor of Mexican Independence day I’m offering a group of young Mexican men to come over, tie me down and gangbang the shit out of me until I cannot take anymore. When I think I can’t take anymore, don’t stop even when I beg. Because this is your day and it’s all about you emptying your fat Mexican cock into my asshole and pussy. As an obedient and submissive bondage whore it is my duty to let you use me in any way you want and desire. It’s all about pleasing my men the way they deserve to be pleased because I am the best sex slave you have ever had. I know how to keep my men coming back for more because I never say no to any need or want of my master. Nothing is ever too taboo, and nothing is off limits. Whatever my master wants. Even if it is multiple guys for a group gangbang fest, the more dicks I have in me the faster I am able to cum. My soul purpose is to be tamed by men who want to be my master.

Submissive Slut Druggy

submissive slut

All I want is to be a submissive slut. The thing about being a submissive slut is you have to be born into that life! My parents made me submit to them, so now that is all I know. When guys actually are nice to me and treat me right I am confused. This is not how it is supposed to be! I am a stupid fucking whore. I don’t deserve to be treated like a human even.  I mean that’s how everyone has always made me feel so at this point I’ve gotten used to it. Accustomed to it, to say the least. It helps though, if I stay fucked up. I must admit I do have a little bit of an addiction. I greatly enjoy any drug I can get my hands on – it helps me get myself ‘loosened up’ so I don’t fight those cocks. Coke and weed together are perfect for me because I can get a perfect buzz when I do them together…and then I am helplessly theirs.

Naughty Wet Dream

rape phone sex fantasies

I’ve had a naughty dream! I woke up soaking wet, my clit was THROBBING! I so desperately craved it would be real. In my dream I was in a cage. I had my arms tied wide to the bars at the wrists so I could still use my hands to stroke and jerk those cocks. I had a bag over my head at first and could see nothing but could only hear and feel the cocks coming for me. They attached nipple clamps to my nipples and forced me tits out of the bars and made me choke on their dick while the tugged and pulled my raw nipples. I was trying to take them all when they took me out of cage – tied my tits, neck, legs and wrists up till I was tied up so tight I was purple. That’s when they really fucked me. My ass, my pussy and my mouth. Over and over again they fucked me and shot their load wherever they pleased. I was their cum dumpster and that’s all I could ever be. Mmm! That was the short version of my dream and now I am WET and want it to be real!

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