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The Family Slave

Submissive slut

I’m a submissive slave for all of my brothers and my father. They’re all Doms and I am their slave. I’m the youngest and the only sister, so I was trained to be their submissive my whole life. I am expected to submit to them at all times. A good slave slut is seen and not heard.  I cater to their every desire and satisfy their every sexual need. Sometimes I forget myself and try to fight back, but it’s met with brutal punishment from each of them. A good slave does not defy her Masters. I crawl to their rooms in the morning and  offer my holes to them to satisfy their morning wood. They always wake up horny with big hard cocks and want me to suck them off, but oftentimes I end up getting fucked by each of them first thing in the morning before I cook their breakfast and start my daily chores. When I am done, I tiptoe around the house quietly to not anger them, only speaking when spoken to. I am their toy and my only purpose or use in life is being their whore and pleasuring them. 

Spanking punishment

Bare bottom spankings

My father and brothers don’t like it when I let other men use me without permission. They can be very jealous, so when I let a boy from school fuck my tight pussy, they were enraged. They noticed my creampie when I got home from school and decided I needed to be properly punished. They gagged and hogtied me and bent me over a wooden rack and began to give me a hard bare bottom spanking. They used a hard wooden paddle to spank my tender bottom until it was covered in angry red marks and bruises. Despite the pain I was in, I couldn’t help but get wet and turned on. I secretly love to be spanked and punished. It makes me so wet and drives my pussy wild. Once they were satisfied I had been properly punished they each took a turn fucking my abused ass and cumming inside of me. They lined up and fucked me one after the other. The hard spanking combined with the rough anal fucking made my poor bottom so sensitive and sore that I couldn’t sit down for the next three days.

Hardcore bondage


Bondage whore


Having me tied up in sexy bondage ropes turns my Daddy on so much. I’m so vulnerable when I’m tied up, he could do anything he wants to me. I’m totally powerless to stop him, though of course I never would. Seeing me all tied up makes his cock grow big and hard. Sometimes he ties me up as punishment and intends to leave me locked in the closet for a few hours to teach me a less, but then when he sees his little Submissive whore all tied and bound, he can’t help but give me a good hard fucking first. He flips me onto my back and fucks me raw like an animal, pounding my pussy and ass or brutally fucks my face while I’m tied up tight in his ropes or chains and hancuffs. And then when he’s done he leaves me sitting in the closet still bound by ropes with a big dripping creampie.

Brother’s submissive whore

Submissive whore

My brother is a true sadistic. He loves nothing more than torturing my tiny little pussy and making me his whore. He’s so rough with me, sometimes I try to fight him off or hide from him, but it does no good. Last night he was being suspiciously nice to me. He offered me a drink and I accepted it. After a few sips I started feeling woozy and passed out. When I woke up I was bound in rope and gagged. He placed painful clamps on my pussy lips and stretched them until they were sore and red. Then he opened the door and led a crowd of his friends inside. He told them he had a special treat for them and that the treat was me. They could do anything they wanted to me for the rest of the night. They tortured my pussy with clamps and tied ropes around my tits and put pins on my nipples. When they were done torturing me, each of them took turns fucking me and passing me around like a doll. None of my holes were safe. My ass, pussy, and mouth were all fucked and cummed in throughout the night until they were too tired to keep going.

Sister Slut

BDSM phone sex

I’m the youngest child and the only daughter, so I am the family fuck slut. I have to submit to my father and brothers whenever they want. Every day, they abuse me and fuck all of my tight and tiny holes. My eldest brother likes to chain me up and call me his Sister Slave. He put me in handcuffs and a leash last night and forced me to let him fuck my face. He loves seeing tears run down my face and hearing me gag as he jams his big cock down my throat and nearly makes me vomit. He held me by the hair as brutally face fucked me until I couldn’t breathe I thought for sure I would choke, his big cock was fulling my throat and cutting off my air. No matter how hard I struggled, he just kept going. He wouldn’t relent until he had had his fun and emptied a load of cum into the back of my throat.

Public Fucking

Hardcore bondage


One of the reasons Father is so strict with me and my training is that he expects me to submit to him whenever and wherever he wants. Whether it’s at home or out in public, when he tells me it’s time to fuck, I do it. At first I was really shy and didn’t like exhibitionism and fucking in public, but now I will do whatever Father desires.

We were on a walk in the park yesterday. I was wearing a long jacket with no clothes underneath it and had a plug in my ass. I was really nervous because I knew he had something planned for me. He pulled me off the trail in the park into a little wooded area and commanded me to take off the jacket and suck his cock. I did as told and sucked his cock and got him nice and hard. Then I laid on my back in the dirt as he fucked me and pounded in and out of me. A few people walked by and gasped in shock and hurried away, but some lingered around and watched as he fucked me and called me his little whore. One man took his cock out and began to stroke himself as he watched us. When Father was done with me, he told me to suck the man off. I did as I was told and sucked the strange man’s cock for him. He held me by the back of my head and fucked my face before shooting a wad of cum into my mouth. I swallowed all the cum down and licked the tip of his dick clean. Father told me to thank him for his cum, so I thanked him for cumming into my slutty whore mouth and letting me swallow it all down.

Use me

Submissive whore

My Domme loves to see me degraded and used. Reducing me to an object that’s only purpose is his fetish. The total control and humiliation really gets him off. And you know what? I fucking love it. I love being his slut and his toy, to be fucked and used and then discarded like trash when he’s bored with me. He had a party last night and all of the guests had free range to use me as they desired. A woman used her lipstick to write obscene words on my bare breasts as I lay on the floor bound in rope. Then she sat on my face and made me lick her pussy and make her cum. The men got very turned on watching the lesbian submission and began to stroke themselves as they watched. When she came on my face she squirted on me and I couldn’t even wipe the cum off my face. One by one the men jerked themselves off on me, covering my face and body with their cum. This is what I am, a whore.

Never Talk To Strangers


Rape phone sex fantasies


I was out for a jog on a new trail and got lost like a total dumb-dumb. Thankfully you were out hunting and came across me. I was so happy to see a face because I had been lost for hours and nightfall was coming. You offered to give me a ride back into town and I gladly accepted because my feet had started to really hurt. Once we got into your van I noticed something was off. You had a bed set up in the back which wasn’t too strange but what really threw me for a loop was that the bed had ropes and chains attached. That’s when I noticed that the handles had been removed from the inside of the doors. You began to explain that you from time to time needed to pick up a new pet. I started crying and begging for you to please let me go but you showed no emotion. I was your whore now and you would do what ever you pleased with me. After a long ride we pulled up at your trailer. Before letting me out of the car you put a collar and leash on me, explaining that as your pet this was my new uniform. You led me inside your home and I saw the evidence of others who had been your tool of perversion before me. You ordered me to the ground and told me to clean your boots with my tongue. I began licking and cleaning as fast as I could but then you shocked me with a stun gun. “Slow down, bitch,” you ordered. I could taste animal scat from your adventures in the woods. Once you deemed your boots clean, you told me to stand up so you could get a good long look at me. You said I was a little too skinny and would need to start drinking bacon grease to fatten up for your ultimate plan for me but that also a good breeding might do the trick. You tied me down to a weird table and started pouring hot candle wax all over my body, getting pure enjoyment from seeing the pain on my face. You then stuffed every single one of my holes including my mouth with giant dildos and left me in the dark overnight to “get some rest” – knowing I’d be unable to sleep from the fear but sleep deprivation is all apart of your plan when it comes to breaking my spirit. Once I finally did fall asleep, you were standing in the room with a few friends explaining they could do whatever they wanted to me. After a beating and fucking, my memory is a little hazy. What other plans do you have for your pet whore now?

The Cum Guzzler

cum eating phone sex


You led me downstairs to our dungeon with the thick black leather dog collar you designed specifically for me tightly wrapped around my neck, leash attached of course. You ordered me to get down on my knees and open my mouth. That was when 10 of your trucker friends walked out of the shadows with their cocks out. They all took turns slapping me in the face with their dicks while you tied my wrists to my ankles. The uncomfortable position made it impossible for me to fight back. You then brought out the strangest accessory- a funnel with a long tube attached. It read on the side, “The Cum Guzzler” in big thick black letters. The guys excitedly jacked off their penises, chuckling and knowing what was about to happen next. You lubed up the tube and demanded that I opened wide- Shoving “The Cum Guzzler” straight down my throat without any real warning. Then grabbing a paddle with your other hand, you began to spank me as hard as you could while urging your disgusting and fat men to jerk the cocks harder, reminding them that they are going to feed me their cum via my new toy. As they start to blow their loads one by one, you order me to drink up. I begin to choke almost on all the sperm but your spanking and flogging doesn’t let up for even a second. Finally as the last few cum, you hang your dick into the funnel and piss- telling me that I probably needed something to wash that all down with. The men leave and you order me up on to my feet- handing me a mop and telling me to clean while you watch.

What It Took To Break Me

Bondage And Submission



Training me as your slave wasn’t as easy as you had expected. It took weeks of humiliation, force fucking and sleep deprivation. You brought home to live in your “toy box” and upon realizing that I wasn’t naturally as submissive as the job would require you began immediately breaking my spirit and turning me into your ideal submissive. I wont lie, there were times where I wanted to quit. Like when you would make me eat mine and your scat. You putting me into the shackles and leathers was a great way to really make sure I felt like a sex slave for you. I couldn’t deny the fact that you were going to break me no matter what. I slowly started to give in and that’s when we started to finally have fun. You bringing your friends and their furry friends over to force fuck me while you made videos is absolutely what pushed me over the edge. I knew there was no turning back now and that you would do what ever it took to put me in my proper place as your bondage slut. Now I don’t question you at all. I worship your cock every day and I am thankful for my bowl full of scatty goodness when I receive it. I know now exactly where my place is: at your feet and dressed in leather, chain around my neck and happy to please.

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