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Submissive WhoreMy dad and brothers blindfolded me and handcuffed my hands behind my back before leading me into a crowded party. I could hear drunk men laughing and talking around me and felt the sting of a sharp smack on my bottom. They told me they were taking me to a special party today and that I was going to be a nice appetizer for all the guests to enjoy. The led me by my leash into a room and had me drop onto my and knees. I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear women moaning and the sounds of sex around me. I guess I was in a room with other Submissive Whores who were also brought to the party to serve men. After a few minutes of waiting with my hands behind me and my back straight, I had my first visitor. He pressed his cock to my mouth and I began to suck it. While I sucked his cock and licked his balls, I felt another man come behind me and lift my body into position so he could fuck my pussy. I felt him enter me and start thrusting in and out of me while slapping my ass. The man I was going down on came down my throat and left, but was soon replaced by another man. I sucked off the next one while the one fucking my pussy thrust into me and squirted a load of cum into me.

Throughout the rest of the night, strange men would stick their cocks into my pussy, mouth, or ass without uttering so much as a single word to me. I was used like a sex slave by numerous men and I never even saw a thing. I was like a toy to them, and they played with me like a little doll. Once the night was over, all my holes were full of cum. My stomach was so full of it, I felt sick.

Hogtied blonde

Submissive whore

You have me all tied up with duct tape over my mouth. I’m completely at your mercy, Master. You could spend hours whipping my tight young ass, or put clamps on my perky little tits and torture them all night, with the sound of my muffled screams ringing in your ears. Whatever you desire, I am yours. I can’t even fight back with all these ropes binding my arms and legs, not that I would. I am a submissive whore and my only object in life is to please my Master and serve him. There’s nothing you can’t do to me. Maybe you’ll punish me, or maybe you’ll just fuck all of my holes and reward me with a big load of cum for being such a good little slave. Take the duct tape off my mouth when you cum, and I’ll thank you for whatever you’ve done to me, no matter how much it hurt.

Cum drinking

Cum eating phone sex

My daddy taught me a lesson on being the perfect submissive whore. The first rule is that my mouth is for cocks only, and to keep it closed around him and my brothers unless I’m sucking their dicks. Part of my lesson was having to wear a ballgag at all times and to only take it off to eat, drink, and suck cock. The four of them surrounded me and took turns fucking my mouth and then inserted a funnel into my mouth and made me sit still while they each jerked themselves off into the funnel and made me drink their cum all at once. I nearly choked on all the cum funneling into my mouth, but I wanted to prove I could be a good submissive slut for them, so I swallowed it all down. Once I had drank their cum, they put the ballgag back into my mouth and made me remain silent again.

Cock slave

Cock worshiping

My brothers and Dad made me worship their cocks last night. I was blindfolded and a hook was inserted into my tight asshole to keep me in place so I couldn’t move. With the anal hook in its place, they set up a fuck machine behind me to pump in and out of my pussy. It was a big rubber cock attached to a piston and they could control the speed. While the fuck machine and anal hook occupied my back holes, my mouth was theirs to use. Each of them took their turn sticking their cock down my throat and making me worship their big dicks and drink their cum. The fuck machine made my pussy squirt over and over while I sucked and worshiped all of their cocks like a good submissive whore.

Cock Worship

Cock worshiping

I mouthed off to my brother, and as punishment I was chained to the stair railing and had a ball gag put in my mouth. He left me there for hours, he told me if I couldn’t speak to him with respect then I couldn’t speak at all. After a few hours, he came and asked me if I was ready to be ungagged and beg for his forgiveness. I nodded yes and he untied me and made me crawl over to him. He took his hard cock out and told me to worship it like a good little slave. I stroked his cock and balls and asked for his permission to suck his perfect cock. I took the tip in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it before deep throating him and taking him balls deep into my mouth. When I finally got him going, I begged for him to cum in my mouth. I wanted his cum so bad and he knew it. I held my mouth open while he stroked himself and milked a load of cum from his balls into my mouth and on my face. I was instructed not to wipe the cum off until he told me to. I walked around for the rest of the day with his dried cum on my face like a good little Submissive slut.


Bondage whore

My dad and brothers were getting real tired of me being a whore and letting other men use my fuck holes without their permission. My pussy, ass, and mouth belong to them. Other men can only use my holes if they allow it, but I had been a bad little whore and fucked lots of guys without their knowledge. They decided they needed to teach me a lesson and also make sure anyone who fucks me in the future knows just who I really belong to. They tied me up and pretended like they were going to flog and spank me. My pussy was even getting a little wet at the sight of the toys they were going to use on me, but it was call a trap. Once they had me tied down and unable to fight back, they brought out a tattoo gun and put their mark on me. Right about my pussy on my delicate mons, they tattooed “Property of the Smith Sons.” Now no other man would be able to fuck me without know I was a taken woman, and then they would know exactly whose whore they were defiling. I’m theirs forever now, in ink and blood.

Nipple torture

Submissive Whore

I was a bad little whore and Daddy decided I needed to be punished. He tied me up in ropes so that I was bent forward and couldn’t sit up straight. Then he took two small thin ropes and wrapped them tightly around my little puffy pink nipples. He tightened them until my poor nipples were numb and blue and attached weights to the end so that they pulled on my tits. Then he went behind me and began to fuck my tight little pussy. With every stroke of his big cock in and out of my tight cunnie, the weighted rope on my nipples swung and sent waves of pain and pleasure through my tits. He pounded me with his hard cock until I was cumming and screaming at the same time. Only when he had made me squirt and was begging him to release me, did he fill my pussy up with a hot load of cum. Each of my brothers had a turn fucking my slave cunt and making my nipple weight jostle and swing when he was done using me. Once they all had a turn fucking me and filling me with a load of cum, he finally untied me and released my nipples from their torture. They were sore and tender and bruised for the next week. I promised them I would be a good little Submissive slut for them. I swore I would do anything they wanted, they could fuck any of my holes, but please don’t put the weights back on my tinder little nipples and perky tits. Now every time I think of disobeying my Daddy or my brothers, I think about how painful my nipples were and how they’ll do it again. They told me my next punishment for being a bad slave will be even worse if I step out of line.


Face fucking

Submissive Whore

When my Dom brother’s cock gets hard, it’s my job to suck it. If I don’t immediately jump to sucking his big dick, he grabs me by the hair and forces me to my knees so that I’m eye level with his hard dick. Then he forces my mouth open and fucks my face. He holds the side of my head and forcibly jams his big dick into my mouth and down my throat. He thrusts in and out and forces my head up and down, using my mouth and throat like a pussy. It makes me gag and choke when pounds his cock in and out of my mouth, but he doesn’t let me go until I’ve properly pleasured his cock and he’s shot a load of cum into my mouth. Only when he’s cum and I’ve swallowed it all down will he let me go. I am my brother’s cock sucking slut.

The Family Slave

Submissive slut

I’m a submissive slave for all of my brothers and my father. They’re all Doms and I am their slave. I’m the youngest and the only sister, so I was trained to be their submissive my whole life. I am expected to submit to them at all times. A good slave slut is seen and not heard.  I cater to their every desire and satisfy their every sexual need. Sometimes I forget myself and try to fight back, but it’s met with brutal punishment from each of them. A good slave does not defy her Masters. I crawl to their rooms in the morning and  offer my holes to them to satisfy their morning wood. They always wake up horny with big hard cocks and want me to suck them off, but oftentimes I end up getting fucked by each of them first thing in the morning before I cook their breakfast and start my daily chores. When I am done, I tiptoe around the house quietly to not anger them, only speaking when spoken to. I am their toy and my only purpose or use in life is being their whore and pleasuring them. 

Spanking punishment

Bare bottom spankings

My father and brothers don’t like it when I let other men use me without permission. They can be very jealous, so when I let a boy from school fuck my tight pussy, they were enraged. They noticed my creampie when I got home from school and decided I needed to be properly punished. They gagged and hogtied me and bent me over a wooden rack and began to give me a hard bare bottom spanking. They used a hard wooden paddle to spank my tender bottom until it was covered in angry red marks and bruises. Despite the pain I was in, I couldn’t help but get wet and turned on. I secretly love to be spanked and punished. It makes me so wet and drives my pussy wild. Once they were satisfied I had been properly punished they each took a turn fucking my abused ass and cumming inside of me. They lined up and fucked me one after the other. The hard spanking combined with the rough anal fucking made my poor bottom so sensitive and sore that I couldn’t sit down for the next three days.

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